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Entrance Exams for London Consortium Schools, and Independent Schools including St. Paul’s and North London Collegiate.

Private tuition for early years entry, 7+, 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form.

Tuition for GCSE AND A LEVEL

Applying to a top private school can be intimidating and I offer to guide parents through the stages of the application and practice with every child before they reach the interview stage.

86% got into their first choice school in 2019
92% got into one of their three choices in 2019

I have been coaching for entrance exams, and GCSE and A level for over 8 years, and tutor full time alongside my masters degree in Neuroscience at Kings College London.

These schools are fantastic but that isn't going to mean that every school is right for your child. How your child gets motivation, and how they like to socialise, as well as the values you want the school to share with home- these will all have a lot to do with it. You want to match the ethos of a great school to gain a place there, but you also need its mantra to line up with what you think at home.

You can see below to learn more about some of the excellent schools in your area.

Francis Holland School
St Helen’s School
North London Collegiate
University College School
Godolphin & Latymer School
St Paul’s
Arnold’s House
Falkner House
South Hampstead High School

I have sessions on offer for older students at GCSE and A Level study, please scroll to the end to find revision sessions for structure in exam writing and techniques under exam conditions for Language, Literature and combined at A level including poetry at all levels.#/k#

Tutoring Experience


This school has a matter of fact, all issues are important to us, approach; and with them you can expect to be as personally involved as per your preference, with few boundaries to any informal questions you might pose to the teaching staff. Best for parents who want to speak to their teachers often and check how their child is doing before end of term reviews.

St Paul’s

The prestige here will do wonders for their university application, but this school benefits the most independent workers who are autonomous and prefer studying on their own; given excellent teaching and resources. Best for parents who are happy with competition and all encompassing care- for everything academic.

South Hampstead High School

Here is a school that believes upbeat learning and inspired activity is the generous way to enjoy learning, and a strategy to increase the effort shown by their pupils. SHHS comprises a philosophy of let them love learning, they’ll work much harder, after all; which is what we’d expect of them. Best for parents who think all consuming academia is overwhelming for their child, even while high grades remain an unspoken priority.

Arnold’s House

Trust them to push your child in music and sport, which make great accompaniments to study on their university application later. Academia boosted by high performance in other areas, best for parents who want measured results first, with feedback coming later.
If you would like to enquire about a school that you do not see here, I accept tutees for more schools and can advise on a range of schools in the area.

When your child has endeavoured in music or sport, schools such as Arnold’s House place an emphasis on a variety of talent within their selection pool. For students who have not previously scored highly in core subjects including English and Maths, schools such as South Hampstead High School are noteworthy for putting a high value on social skills and inclusive behavioural traits. Single sex schools suit those with a personal preference for it, these schools consistently achieve results as good as your mixed gender schools.

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Tutoring Approach

GCSE and Higher Study AS & A2 A Level

GCSE English has a focus on arguing the significance of any context.

High marks are awarded to carefully worded personal opinions that make themselves relevant.

*Six sentence structure is taught to achieve all assessment objectives within the paragraph, three to four paragraphs are written in an essay.

A Level English

The effect of language and literary devices is supposed to be a debate after GCSE. There is not an effect, but there are several clever ways the language can influence the reader.

High marks are awarded to students that can identify influences and say overall what they do.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
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University of Essex2013Bachelors2:1 BA English Literature
West Hatch Sixth Form2010CollegeGRADE 'A' A Level English Language & Literature
West Hatch High School2010CollegeGRADE 'A' GCSE English Literature
West Hatch High School2008SchoolGRADE 'A' GCSE English Language

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