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I'm a well known science communicator (BBC, TEDx, 25 million online views etc.) and a 1st class Oxford science graduate, with a proven track record of inspiring a long-term love of science and maths, supporting my students to outstanding results, and into top universities.

I have many positive testimonials, with some available to read below and more available on request.

My mission is to make science as accessible as oxygen, to nurture curiosity, and to inspire innovation and courageous thinking.

I have communicated science on Blue Peter, the Today Programme, Comedy Central, and given science talks for TEDx, UN Ops, UNESCO, London Science Museum and many schools. I've also written and directed educational videos with over 25 million views across platforms. Among these are two short films: Losing Ground and Plastic In the Air. My educational podcast, A Piece of String, has 10,000 monthly listeners, and is co-produced by a founder of QI.

I take a very fun and imaginative approach to tutoring, and I have years of experience offering the very best science and maths tuition to children and adults of all ages and backgrounds.

I believe that everyone is a natural born scientist, and that everyone can be brilliant at maths, given the chance to truly understand it. I bring out the best in my students by inspiring genuine curiosity, and building confidence through fun, relatable teaching methods individually designed for each student. My lessons expand beyond the limits of government syllabuses, and pave the way for understanding and enjoyment at the highest level.

Tutoring Experience

“Knowledge is expansive and the education that you provide travels beyond the classroom and is much more important than a grade at the end. You cultivate the mind and shape the understanding of the world for these young people.” – M A, mother (GCSE Science)

“I’ve genuinely enjoyed science more with you than I ever have before” – A M, student predicted C/D grades and achieved all As (GCSE Science)

“E was telling me how you started explaining to him the quantum electron wave and the probability of presence instead of the deterministic Newtonian approach. I think it is wonderful! This is why I love for you to come here, because you go beyond what they’d ever be exposed to at school – you really open their minds, and help them to think about entirely new things.” – S W, father (GCSE Science)

“Thank you so much for your support of Ariana. We know that you were an important part of her success getting into Oxford. She says she couldn’t have done it without you. We will never forget you.” – M C, mother (A-Level Chemistry)

“You have become a part of our family, and taught my girls and also myself so much” – A R, mother (KS2 Maths)

“G has always hated English but after just one lesson with you, she tells me that she loves it. She says that you make it so fun and interesting for her.” – B K, mother (KS3 English)

“L got an A on her maths paper and now her maths teacher is convinced she's going to get an A* - so thank you so much - whatever you're doing, it's working.” – M I, mother (GCSE Maths)

“How many of your students are actively unhappy when they find out you’re not coming? T was so upset when he found out you had the week off!” – E B, mother (KS2 Science)

“L is very keen to be tutored by you rather than anyone else. Having tried a few others, he now appreciates the difference!” – E O, mother (GCSE Science)

I thought you would like to know that A did super well in her GCSE sciences! Congratulations because you really did turn it round for her. I’m so pleased for her and I know you will be too. Thank you very much for the hard work you put into helping achieve such good results.” – S M, mother (GCSE Science)

“I got an 8 in Maths and AA for Science - I couldn’t have done it without your help - thank you so much!” – S K, student (GCSE Science)

“Half a year ago, I was at the bottom of the seventh science set. I just got my end of year exam results back, and I beat everyone in set 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Thank you Matthew – you’ve completely turned things around for me” – C M, student (GCSE Science)

“Matthew walks on water he is an incredible teacher. My son connected with him from day one. Our son was at a very low ebb with his Physics (he was the only one in his class not to be doing Maths), and Matthew stepped in and made real progress. From the first lesson, Matthew helped him to find the gaps in his knowledge and was able to get him to feel that he really understood. They worked together on anything that was challenging, and Matthew made such a difference. I think Matthew is an excellent teacher and we feel that our son has benefited enormously.” – S D, mother (A-Level Physics)

“The kids are very happy with your tutoring and so am I. They tell me that your lessons are excellent, and really building their confidence. We have put our faith in you Matthew. For the first time, our daughter has started to achieve top grades. We’ve also noticed other positive changes; she’s a lot more sociable now too.” – T K, father (GCSE and KS3 Maths and Science)

“You’ve got a real talent: I can see that the you communicate with my son is really special; you get down to his level, you make friends, and you really connect.” L H, father (Year 3 Maths)

"I can see that you've already made immense progress in the areas where our son is struggling. I'm really impressed with how much more easily he's working things out now. I tried and couldn't help him like you have!" - S W, father (11+ Maths and Reasoning)

“Matthew had a broad brief of inspiring my daughter to get excited by science. He achieved this brilliantly with charm and enthusiasm. Matthew is inspiring, cool and effective.” – T S, mother (Year 8 Science Mentoring)

“You’ve made it so much clearer; I thought I was never going to get this. I actually understand it all now!” – B S, student (GCSE Biology)

“Matthew is full of energy and full of life. It is infectious! He can explain some very complex science by chopping the material down into much more concise ideas. Entire double page spreads are condensed into an equation and a couple of bullet points. My daughter tells me that concepts that seemed complicated now seem easy, and that working with Matthew has saved her hours of struggling with revision. And if she’s interested in a particular idea, he is fully able to expand beyond the syllabus too! He is a real genius, and the house brightens up each time with his presence!” – V N, mother (A-Level Maths & Chemistry)

“I wish I could live with you so that we could have a lesson every day” – T A, student (Year 3 Science Mentoring)

“I got an offer for Physics at Oxford! I’m super happy. Thank you!” – A H (A-Level Chemistry & Physics)

“Matthew has been a great tutor and a distinguished role model for my son. He has been talking about his ‘smart teacher’ ever since. He has the gift of teaching with fun and games. Thank you Matthew” – A O, mother (Year 1 Science Mentoring)

“You are by far our favourite tutor – and there have been many! I am so grateful to you for turning our son’s maths around and giving him a true understanding of what he is doing – fantastic that you were able to achieve this.” – C S, mother (A-Level Maths)

“I can see a dramatic improvement. She’s so much more focused, and her work is so much better.” – K M, mother (Year 4 Maths)

“C got 3A*s so she was delighted, as were we. She did particularly well in statistics. Thank you very much for your contribution to that which boosted her confidence. Very positive feedback from us. C enjoyed her sessions with you and could quite see why you are so acclaimed.” – J F, mother (A-Level Maths)

“I showed E’s teacher what she’s been learning with you. She was really impressed; she says they’re nowhere near that in school. E is way ahead of the class. She’s doing so much better this year thanks to you Matthew.” – A B, mother (11+ Maths)

“The results have been excellent. Both girls got straight As. G got a spectacular 100% average UMS in Physics. She got full marks in all the papers! She was shocked because she didn’t even think she was that good at it. Thank you for all your help.” – C H, mother (A-Level Physics)

“My son can’t stop talking about you. He tells us all about the games you played at the Science Museum and the lava underneath us which surprised him deeply” – A O, mother (Year 2 Science Mentoring)

“Our son is very motivated and it’s the first time I’ve seen him 'wanting' to do well. Very much due to your lessons!” – N W, mother (11+ Maths)

“My daughter tells me that you’re a super genius – brilliant at maths, at science, at music, at everything. I know that she will do well with you looking after her.” – S A, father (GCSE Science & Maths)

“Matthew scored quite a coup when he had our son teaching his own maths class a method that the school teacher hadn’t been able to teach them. Now A’s whole class understands thanks to Matthew’s method!” – W M, father (A-Level Maths)

“C has come out top of the set in the majority of our assessments this term. I think her confidence is now far higher.” – A A, C’s school maths teacher (11+ Maths & Science)

“We had been through countless tutors with my nephew and none of them could build up the relationship. But Matthew was different it’s not easy to find a tutor of such high standard and character.” – A S, uncle (A-Level Maths & Chemistry)

“You were amazingly helpful to my son when you were tutoring him – you transformed his confidence in the subject and himself.” – E A, mother (GCSE Biology & Physics)

“It’s so much clearer with Matthew than when we cover it in school” – A H, student (A-Level Physics & Chemistry)

“My son was so excited after the lesson, telling me about your discussions with him which he found amazing.” – C C, mother (Science Mentoring, Year 8)

“I was over the moon with my results. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help” – M R, student (A-Level Chemistry)

“Thanks to you (somehow!) my daughter managed to get A* A* in her science, so you were right.” and “Your explanations are absolutely worth it. You have rescued my daughter’s confidence.” – R V, mother (GCSE Science)

“Our son did fantastically in the physics paper that Matthew helped him with, and a high A overall. Matthew's help was marvellous. J had missed so much revision time having had flu at Easter, he would never have fitted it all in, but Matthew made everything so simple.” – R M, mother (A-Level Physics)

“Thank you again – I doubt you will get a clearer 'before and after' demonstration of the impact you can have! In our view it is not just the quality of the teaching you delivered, but it is also the success in motivating our son to engage!” – M T, father (GCSE Science)

“Matthew was an enthusiastic and lively tutor professional in all respects. I enjoyed his sessions and, importantly, I got my A and got into medicine!” – R K, student (A-Level Physics)

“We just heard yesterday that H got into Latymer! We are so delighted.” – C M, mother (7+ Maths)

“Great news! G got 2 A’s! She got 90% in Chemistry, and in Unit 2 Physics she got 94%. As you taught her these papers, we want to say a big thank you!” – C W, mother (A-Level Chemistry & Physics)

“M got her A* in Maths so will be doing Maths A level next year. We’re both thrilled and wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave her.” – A D, mother (GCSE Maths)

“Thank you for all your hard work. Our daughter set off for her penultimate A Level this morning saying she had never felt better prepared for a Chemistry exam and hoping that she would get the chance to show off her understanding of the subject. Going into an exam as well prepared and confident as that is certainly a great achievement!” – S H, mother (A-Level Chemistry)

“I got an A in biology!” – T F, student predicted a C grade (GCSE Biology)

“We’ve had several other tutors and we just cannot find anyone as good as Matthew” – A B, mother (11+ Maths)

“May I take this opportunity to say how much G is enjoying your lessons (a real first, in terms of her Maths!) “ – C P, mother (GCSE Maths)

“My daughter moved up a maths group thanks to you you’ve achieved amazing results! And the best thing of all is that our daughter is enjoying her sessions with you! You’ve obviously formed a really strong link with her. When we were on holiday, she would keep seeing interesting things and saying “oh, Matthew would like to see this”.” – C B, mother (11+ Maths)

“Well it would seem that you have been vested with some sort of guru status. Our daughter did so well on her Biology that she exceeded average and banked an A*. All of us couldn’t be happier” – A M, father (GCSE Science)

“I actually got an A in Chemistry! I can’t believe it! I got into dentistry so couldn’t be happier! Thank you for all your help.” – F C, student predicted a D grade at A-Level (A-Level Chemistry)

“I like the trick you taught me for my times tables Matthew it’s made me the best in my class.” – C S, student (Year 2 Maths)

“Matthew has been the most understanding and considerate tutor imaginable. Our daughter has been trying to get back to school after being very unwell, and he has shown great sympathy but also positive encouragement when she has been able to study. He has worked her hard when she has been well enough but has given her easier sessions when necessary. He has been punctual, with excellent communication and well prepared to the sessions. I am hoping to use him more in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.” – C W, mother (A-Level Maths, Physics & Chemistry)

“What’s important is that my son really likes you, and it’s great that he has a mentor that he can look up to, and who he can talk to about what he’s interested in.” – A O, mother (Maths & Science Mentoring, Year 11)

“Many thanks for all your help Matthew. Our son has thrived under your tuition and we are very grateful.” – A V, father (A-Level Biology)

“My son says that if only he’d had you before, it would all have been so much easier. He says you’re a very good teacher.” – K C, mother (GCSE Maths)

“Thank you so much for all your help building up to the exams. Your tutorial sessions exceeded my expectations and were very helpful!” – I C, student (A-Level Chemistry & Maths)

“I got the top mark in my class in Chemistry. I beat loads of people in the set above me too!” – T A, student (GCSE Science)

“Hey, Matthew we learnt about magnets in school today my teacher couldn’t believe how much I knew. Some of the things I told him, he didn’t even know about!” and “Hey Matthew, I got the highest mark in my class this year!” – C B, student (11+ Maths & Science)

“I find it all really easy now, since Matthew explained it to me!” A P, student (GCSE Maths)

“J scored third highest in the year in Physics. ALL down to you!” – C A, mother (GCSE Physics)

“I’m really jealous of the trips that you do with my son, Matthew!” – V Y, mother (General Mentoring, Year 5)

“I started out very confused, and now I’m not confused at all. Thank you so much Matthew.” – N H, student (A-Level Chemistry)

“My son is always showing off about all the interesting things that you’ve taught him.” – C S, mother (Year 8 Science Mentoring)

“We are very pleased with your professional, approachable and accommodating teaching style. There is no doubt in my mind that you have an infectious enthusiasm for your subject, which you are able to share with my daughter.” – M L, mother (Year 9 Maths & Science)

“It’s been a lot of fun being taught by such a genius.” – N V, student (A-Level Biology)

Tutoring Approach

Please accept my apologies if I'm a little slow to reply during busy periods. I always write back as soon as I'm able to.

I do a combination of occasional home visits and regular online tutorials with my students. Given the standard of the methods I use online, this is what my students prefer.

As a tutor, I animate and energise every topic, focusing on encouraging exploration and academic adventure. I always promote the most thorough understanding and spirit of inquiry, and through the unique interests of each student, I work to build long-lasting connections with fascinating areas of each subject.

I believe that every individual has the potential to achieve great things, and I love to help my students to strengthen their sense of self worth, and travel on a trajectory towards leaving a positive mark on the world.

I am intuitive, patient and affable with every student, regardless of background. I am also particularly experienced with dyslexic students.


Besides tutoring, science communication, and environmental work, I am also a musician and consultant.

My music has been featured on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, and by the likes of The Guardian, NME and Clash. I have also performed live on prime time television, and have been invited to perform at both Glastonbury and Latitude.

I also occasionally act as a consultant to various start ups, having previously worked in sectors like education, biotech, media, retail, supply chain and tech.

I grew up in the Peak District and am now living in London.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


Oxford University2011Masters1st Class Master of Chemistry
Oxford University2010Bachelors1st Class Chemistry BA
The King's School, Macclesfield2007College5 A Grades at A-Level (Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
The King's School, Macclesfield2005School9 A* Grades at GCSE (Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Music, Graphic Products, History)

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