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Hi everyone! I am a native Russian speaker and I studied French and Italian at university (graduated with first class honours with distinctions in speaking). I have lived in the UK for over 15 years and I am proficient in English as well. I want to help others succeed on their linguistic journeys but also would like to help others with History and English language and literature (both great interests of mine). I am enthusiastic, friendly and supportive. I love music, dancing, cooking (and eating the food, of course!) and learning about new cultures. I am open-minded person who likes a challenge.

Tutoring Experience

HISTORY: I did one-to-ones (including with children with learning difficulties) at GCSE level to help children reach their target grades. This included memory techniques, developing essay writing skills and understanding the specifications. I was responsible for boosting the students' confidence - they managed to boost their grades from Cs to As! Topics I can help with: Nazi Germany, World War I and II, Medicine through time, Tudors, Colonialism (French, Italian), Elizabethan Britain, Contemporary European History (1789- 1990s).

ENGLISH (as a foreign language): All levels are welcome. I have helped young children and I am experienced in teaching casual learners (mainly through linguistic Tandems in France and Italy as well as working with refugees). I have taught a class of 15 Italian students aged 17-18. We worked on various topics: the environment, immigration, new technologies, the English language and culture and others of their choice, as well as developing the ability to have casual conversations.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE/LITERATURE: obtained 2 A*s at GCSE level and an A at A-level. Experience in language theories (linguistics, evolution of English language, phonemic expansion/contraction, critical periods, slang etc). I have proof read and worked on various GCSE and A-level essays, both in Language and Literature, resulting in an improvement by 2 grades. Throughout university, I have also studied various French novels.

ITALIAN: I have lived in Italy for a year and while I was there I participated in a Language Project (teaching English abroad). I have a Bachelor's Degree in Italian and distinction in speaking. Experience in the following topics: Italian Renaissance, Italian for business (marketing, advertising, Made in Italy brand, Italian history and politics, novels and immigration). Can help with translation work too.

FRENCH: I obtained an A* at GCSE, A at A-level and 1st class Honours, with distinction at university. I have lived in France for a few months during my university course. Other skills I can help with: introduction to consecutive interpreting within the medical remit/literary and journalistic translation work (theory and application).

RUSSIAN: native speaker. Can also help with consecutive interpreting.

Tutoring Approach

My approach varies according to the individual's needs. We will discuss what you would like to achieve out of the sessions and what your key areas of weakness are. If you are preparing for exams, I am happy to chat through the objectives and work towards those. For History and English, usually I discuss topics in question, ask questions to get the students thinking, reiterate to consolidate understanding and then do practice questions. Interactive learning is encouraged too.

For languages, I develop each skill (listening, reading, writing and speaking) using various methods - I try to keep it fun and engaging by using visual aid (sometimes educating games too - languages can be fun!) I explain the theory/grammar and then work through exercises which encourages application. Working through each skill set, I will encourage vocabulary development and techniques for memorising new words. I strongly encourage conversations in the target language (I do translate/explain words to aid understanding) about anything and everything!

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