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Hello. My name is Leonor. I am from Spain and 45 years old.
I am a teacher of Spanish and teach standard Spanish, the official language of modern Spain. I love my profession and find teaching more a pleasure than a job. I have discovered that teaching is a two way experience
where the teacher often learns as much from the students as the students learn from the teacher. For me, teaching languages is a very rewarding experience.

I am especially passionate about my native language, the Spanish language. I love not only the expressive beauty of the written Spanish, but the enchanting, musical sound and rhythm of spoken Spanish. The magic of the language of
Cervantes is one of the reasons I have dedicated my life to the study of languages, especially the Spanish language.

Besides a passion for languages and linguistics, I like also enjoy traveling, exploring, and tracing the roots of human history and civilization. I am especially fascinated by ancient history. Last summer, for example, I spent weeks in Segovia, Spain, exploring such wonders as the magnificent Roman Aqueduct that still, more 2000 years after its
construction, brings water to the city of Segovia. A true engineering masterpiece.
I am especially fond tracing the legacy of the Roman Empire across Spain, such Roman Ruin's a Baelo-Claudia.

At present, I live and work in the sunniest town in all of England. A small paradise situated in the south of the country. A region of the country whose old castles and plentiful history keep me in contact with the continuing story of my adopted home.

Tutoring Experience

I teach Spanish at any level, any age, and have a long experience face to face as well as by internet. The Castilian Spanish is considered the most "correct" Spanish in the world. Beside this, I work with native colleagues of mine, this way we are able to offer more subjects such as English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and more. Always from native tutors only. If you are interested in a language which has not been mentioned, just ask me.Several years of experience as a teacher of modern languages (Spanish, English, and Italian) from all ages, from children to adults. My students find my method of teaching very effective. References are available on request.

Five years of experience by teaching languages via internet, a focus of my Masters Degree.

Tutoring Approach

My methodology is based on the Direct Method.
This is a technique of teaching a foreign languages without reference to the students native language. This method of total immersion has been proven to be the most effective means of rapidly developing real language skills. Therefore, in my Spanish class we will speak only Spanish. In my English classes we will speak only English. This method, the "direct method" is recognized as one of the best methods for language instruction and currently used around the world. With this method, students quickly develop the ability to think in their new language. This approach is both easy and satisfying. Student progress is quite rapid. By testing a students current level and acquiring a knowledge of student interests, it is possible to develop lessons specifically tailored to the student. Students progress at their own pace in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. With my method, students will begin speaking their new foreign language from the very first lesson, even if they have never spoken a word of their new language before.

One of the most famous advocates of the Direct Method was the German, Charles Berlitz, whose schools and Berlitz Method are world-renowned.

Tired with boring memorization?
Do you find formal grammars tiresome and less
than effective?

LanguagesSpanish, English (British), Chinese, Italian, French, German, Portuguese
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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British Council2008Professional3. Qualified Teacher Status in England.
Various2007Professional4. Several courses about teaching languages methods. I am a member of ELE Congress (Spanish as a Foreign Language).
Spanish University, Cádiz2003Bachelors1. Bachelor Degree in Teaching English. University of Cadiz, in Spain.
Spanish University, León2006Masters2. Master Degree in Spanish Expertise. University of León (Castilla León), in Spain.

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