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If you prefer to speak with an education advisor about a personalised tutor match, please call Varsity Tutors UK at 0203 962 1468, to connect with an education advisor.


Online English and History Tutor

I am a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, where I also hold my Masters. I have a First class degree in English Literature from Durham, teach undergraduates at the University of Cambridge and have been tutoring since 2017 with an average student satisfaction rating of 10/10.

Tutoring Experience

I am an academic supervisor at the University of Cambridge, where I teach undergraduates in Scandinavian History and Old English Literature. I thoroughly know the Oxbridge academic systems.

I have been tutoring English Literature, Creative Writing and Study Skills since 2019, designing course materials and personalised project goals. Students consistently give positive feedback regarding a friendly and welcoming attitude, communication skills and attention to detail.

I currently tutor:
- English Literature
- Study Skills (essay writing, presentations, personal statements, career advice etc.)
- Creative Writing (including how to get published)
- Academic English
- Old English/Old Norse Literature/ History
- essay feedback/ project feedback
- proofreading (including dissertations)
- university applications (including Oxbridge applications and interviews)
- productivity (time management, anti-procrastination etc.)
- Bespoke courses (for example, you need help with a specific project or would like to begin a project)

If you are unsure whether the subject you would like tuition for is represented above, please ask.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in a flexible, personalised approach for every student. I take the techniques and knowledge of my time supervising and lecturing at the University of Cambridge to provide a rigorous framework, but match it with compassion and encouragement. My students grow not only in subject knowledge but in life-long confidence.


“I received an offer from Keble College this morning to read English at Oxford. Thank you for your guidance and mentorship throughout […] last year as well as the mock interview—you were invaluable in preparing me for the application process.” - Laura (tutee, Oxbridge preparation)

“Just wanted to say thank you to you properly [...] I've had a wonderful time working with you, learnt a lot, grown in confidence and I appreciate your guidance.” - Mi (supervisee, Old English)

"Kimberly was extremely understanding when I felt anxious about the project. I'm incredibly grateful for her help with developing my skills in writing, in criticism and in acknowledging my strong points throughout this course." - Le (tutee, Romanticism, English Literature)

"She is very understanding and skilled at ensuring everything she teaches me is not too complex but at the same time not too easy. She always makes sure I understand what she has taught me and that I can apply the knowledge to what we do in later classes. Additionally, she has helped me with other questions I have concerning college applications and classwork for next year. Overall I am enjoying my time in this course and I am glad to have Kimberly as my tutor." - Am (tutee, Romanticism, English Literature)

"I found it really helpful how she explained everything to me in steps, it helped me feel less overwhelmed and made everything much clearer and easier to understand. While editing my work and offering me criticism she has also helped me learn how I can do the same with my own work, so I don't always have to rely on someone else to do it." - An (tutee, Modernism, English Literature)

"Kimberly was well prepared for every session and gave me detailed and advanced feedback, helping me to play on my strengths and improve my weaknesses. I enjoyed my sessions with her immensely." La (tutee, Romanticism, English Literature)

(Some names have been made anonymous)

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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Durham University2016BachelorsEnglish Literature
University of Cambridge2017MastersAnglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

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