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Hourly RateOnline Lessons
Hourly Rate
Secondary £27.50£23.38
GCSE £27.50£23.38
A-Level £30.00£25.50
Casual Learner £27.50£23.38


Hourly RateOnline Lessons
Hourly Rate
Secondary £27.50£23.38
GCSE £27.50£23.38
A-Level £30.00£25.50
University £27.50£23.38
Casual Learner £27.50£23.38


Hourly RateOnline Lessons
Hourly Rate
Secondary £27.50£23.38
GCSE £27.50£23.38
A-Level £30.00£25.50
University £27.50£23.38
Casual Learner £27.50£23.38

Entrance Exams

Hourly RateOnline Lessons
Hourly Rate
13 Plus £27.50£23.38
14 Plus £27.50£23.38
College £30.00£25.50
University £27.50£23.38

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Personal Description:

Hailing from Leeds and honors graduate of Warwick and Bradford universities with degrees in chemistry and optometry respectively, I am a confident individual, one who takes pride in his high levels of patience and natural ability as a communicator.

My own parents guidance has led to the privilege of attaining two honors degrees and to have researched, under scholarship, quantum chemistry and theoretical biology at Leeds and York universities.

My degree in optometry has given me a valuable insight into the professional world, having worked as an optician for 2 years, and an instinct for the personalities that are best suited to the medical courses. So i have a wide breath of experience concerning all areas of the scientific world.

Although my life has been immersed in education I have always kept in touch with my working class heritage which is firmly rooted in market trading.

This has afforded me a sense of social and cultural awareness rarely seen in balance with the world of academia. I believe this further advances my capacity to connect with a wider audience of students.

Accordingly, I feel perfectly poised to comprehend and then relate all aspects of the scientific world to others in an approachable and tangible way.

Encouraging though I may be, if it is becoming clear that my tutee hasn't the right disposition or ability when considering future ambitions I will address it with the honesty required through consultation with the students parents.

This can be an emotional situation but never a hopeless one as sometimes we must simply accept a different path from the one we first expected.

Tutoring Experience:

Apart from being a father, my main main teaching experience is through tutorials. I have taught students of all ages, stages and abilities in the physical, biological and mathematical sciences with great success and I hope the "comments" left on my page speak for themselves.

From standard primary mathematics to adults studying degree level chemistry I have taught at all levels. The majority of my work however is with A level and degree level students.

My A level students have gone on to study undergraduate degrees (often undergrad masters) in computer science, physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, bio-medical science, biochemistry, optometry, dentistry, chemistry, chemical engineering, psychology, architecture, medicine, accounting and finance, and even law.

Many of these students have gone to study at some of the countries most reputable universities such as York, Warwick, Manchester, Nottingham, Exeter, Bath, Durham, Leeds and Newcastle to name a few.

It can happen (not often, but still well worth noting) that even the most capable and intensely talented students do not always attain the grades that reflect their abilities as part of the A level course and as such go to a second choice university or take extra time to decide their future.

This is not the end or "failure"! It just means one may require a little more time in advancing in the direction that is best suited to them. We are all uniquely different and cannot all expect to know exactly what we are going to do and how we are going to do it at 18 years of age.

That said, my students A level results of 2015-6 have been even better than expected - with 90% of student achieving between A-C in their maths physics and chemistry.

From here some notable examples of success are: one student whom scored 45% on an AS stats exam (before he began tuition with me) and went on to achieve 89% in the module after one years tuition, which also included tuition the other maths modules and chemistry. He finished with an A in maths and a B in chemistry;

Other examples are; One whom was failing their chemistry and was on a U grade when tutoring began has now scored just shy of an A grade (on one of the chemistry toughest papers ever seen).

Another student whom scored a mere 27% in mechanics moved the mark up to 82% after tuition. He will be studying for his undergraduate masters in mechanical engineering at Newcastle University this year;

And a student whom contacted me after struggling through their first year (they were at one of the worst performing schools in West Yorkshire) had tutoring for two years and scored an A in chemistry and a B in maths, and is now studying accounting and finance at Warwick - the top university in the country for the course.

My GCSE students have also tended to reach the level that is required of them. Often this can be to gain a grade C on the lower maths and science papers (its not always about A grades!).

The degree results from my students have been and have always been nothing short of exceptional. This year (2015-6) has given me the best set of results yet as most have been long term students, and they have all finished with overall first class scores. With tuition in physical, inorganic, organic and bio-chemistry.

Finally it is worth saying that experience has also taught me that GCSE students don't always make the best A level students and likewise the best A level students don't always excel at degree.

Even after degree those with 2:2's can be far better at research than those of us with strong 2:1's.

Tutoring Approach:

My approach to tutoring is based on the knowledge that we are all different and have unique needs when it comes to learning and consequently understanding. I accordingly attempt to tailor my style to the individual.

This is designed to effectively combine ones personality with ambition. For example, if someone is shy or unsure of themselves and wishes progress in their subject I would be inclined to first develop confidence. If someone is generally struggling I would go back to basics and lay firm foundations on which to build.

Both of these would promote a gentle approach to the situation regardless of academic requirements involved (be it someone who wants to fly high or simply needs to pass an exam). Conversely if I am dealing with a confident student then I can be far more direct in exploiting natural talent. Cultural connotations are also taken into careful consideration.

The next factor I take into consideration is the students ambitions. I steadily increase the amount of pressure so it meets the necessities of that ambition. Thus, I would not set the same amount or standard of work (again regardless of ability) to someone who simply wishes to pass a course compared to one who desires to gain A grades or top the class.

I would also tend to apply more pressure to those who want to study their subject at higher levels, but always appreciating their emotional disposition.

As such I also analyse technique and temperament as it becomes an increasingly important dimension to my approach to tutoring.

It can be a difficult thing for parents to accept that even though their children are perfectly bright and intelligent they do not possess the temperament at certain times to adapt to the pressure of live examinations. This is something I focus on with the express purpose of developing the right disposition to succeed.

My experience has also taught me that If GCSE or below is required then I would tend to encourage parental participation as much as possible as part of the tuition sessions. The reality of education is that younger children learn best from their parents and no tutor can compete with this. Maths is the main problem and it is pointless if the parents are not involved to help with the process.

I can say with confidence if a student is struggling with primary or particularly high school maths, and times tables aren't practiced with parental supervision, daily, then the student will almost certainly fail to progress regardless how much tuition they receive from me or anyone else.

I will also tutor several students together as part of a group tutorial at discounted hourly rates.

Native Language: English (British)
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
References Available: Yes (✔ On File)


  • University of Bradford (2006) - Optometry (Bachelors) (✔ On File)
  • University of Warwick (2002) - Chemistry (Bachelors) (✔ On File)

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