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Online Entrance Exams and Drama Tutoring

Specialist in beginner's Japanese, GCSE and A-Level Japanese, I offer one of the only textbooks available specifically following the GCSE Pearson Edexcel specification. I write original textbooks for all my learners from beginners onwards, offering a smooth transition for students from newcomer level through GCSE and beyond, whilst adapting lesson content to suit the needs of each individual student. I offer targeted support for students who already have some level of Japanese: those taking Japanese classes at school who feel they need extra guidance, or heritage speakers of Japanese who need to formalise their language skills before taking the GCSE.

I also teach Japanese A-Level and have written a course of study to guide A-Level students, who will find very little support from the exam board when aiming to take Pearson Edexcel papers. Lessons are split between a focus on the specification grammar; research and essay work around the fiction and film sources; and comprehension work, using using a range of published Japanese written materials to explore the specification themes.

I support students looking towards all levels of the JLPT exams (N5-N1), using a variety of original materials and multi-lingual textbooks. Finally, of course, many of my learners are taking Japanese classes casually for personal or professional development, without aiming for formal exams. I adapt all lessons to the needs and wishes of my students, and can support learners with any goal, at any stage of their journey with Japanese.

BA / MACantab Japanese (Double First Class) University of Cambridge, 2014
MA Musical Theatre (Distinction) Royal Academy of Music, 2016
DipRAM Diploma, Royal Academy of Music, 2016
LRAM Licentiate of Teaching, Royal Academy of Music, 2019
Japanese Proficiency JLPT Level 1 (Business-level Japanese)
Best Actress Nominee, Stage Debut Awards 2017

Tutoring Experience

I offer a unique teaching style, based on over 10 years' experience teaching in the UK and Japan; Japanese study at the highest level (Cambridge University, Doshisha University Kyoto); drama and communication training at Royal Academy of Music; and 20 years' experience working with young children in childcare and academic settings.

For both Japanese and Drama, I use my own original textbooks and teaching materials, offering an experience you won't find with any other tutor. This is particularly important for students who wish to take GCSE and A-Level Japanese, as there are currently no official textbooks for the Pearson Edexcel exams. I also have bespoke textbooks for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students (in both romaji and hiragana / kanji), creating a smooth pathway from complete beginner through intermediate level and beyond.

Over the past decade, I have taught Japanese, Oxbridge / University Entry, Musical Theatre and Drama, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking, EFL, 4-plus, 7-plus and literacy lessons. I have worked with children as young as 2 in formal tutoring settings (4-plus examinations / EFL / literacy) both in-person and online, and have extensive experience working part-time in childcare centres, supporting children from just a few months old.

I now offer exclusively online teaching, having developed a strong, highly successful online programme for all my subjects over the past few unusual years. These consist of engaging, multi-media-based lessons for students aged 2 years old (literacy / drama) - adults (all subjects).

Tutoring Approach

I offer Japanese classes to students of all levels, from beginners' level through intermediate, GCSE and degree-level Japanese. I have coached students of Japanese through GCSE, A-Level, and degree-level exams and every level of the JLPT qualifications. All my students have passed with a 9, A* or equivalent.

Japanese can be a challenge to master. As a non-native speaker, having been through the process of learning Japanese as an adult, I deeply understand the challenges that students face. As such, I can offer more support in learning methods, tips and tricks than a native speaker might.

One of the major issues for learners is that most of the textbooks on the market skip over the intricacies of the language. Over the past few years, I have written comprehensive, original textbooks for my Japanese students. At present, I offer bespoke materials for all my students, based on three main textbooks: beginners; intermediate & advanced; GCSE. I have a separate learning pathway for A-Level students, which uses a wider range of published materials.

Using these textbooks allows me to:
a) edit and adapt materials for each student
b) develop online quizzes and interactive games to match each lesson I have designed (essential for effective online learning)
c) support students through beginners' level and through to GCSE and beyond (JLPT exams, A-Level). There is currently no official GCSE Japanese textbook (Pearson Edexcel) so I have written a collection of guides, focusing on grammar, vocabulary and themes. These allow students to feel more secure in their GCSE study, and confident that they have covered all the necessary elements for exam success.

I offer general interview training for all students applying for Oxbridge interviews, and support for students applying for Japanese at any university. After graduating from Cambridge University, I have coached many other students through successful applications to both Cambridge and Oxford. I provide subject specific interviews for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as collegiate and general interview practice, and thinking skills training for students applying for any subject at any college.

As a professional actor, an emphasis on confidence, communication and creativity are embedded in all my sessions. Some of the students with the best grades and prospects may struggle to gain a place at Cambridge or Oxford unless they understand the ethos behind the schools: an emphasis on individuality, independence and creativity.

I have taught English as a Foreign Language to students from Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. I create my own lesson materials and as such can offer tailor made classes to suit each unique student: from more formal grammar-based lessons to conversation classes, colloquial English classes, business English and public presentation classes, copywriting and proofreading services. I always mix speaking, writing and reading practice into each class.

I am a professional actor, working on stage and screen, and offer group and individual drama and singing training. I studied Musical Theatre and Singing teaching at the Royal Academy of Music, where I gained a diploma, an MA and an LRAM teaching qualification. I offer Musical Theatre training for students of any level, specialising in sessions on Acting through Song. If you need particular support before an audition or drama school application, I can offer an intense set of sessions to help you through the process. I also hold grade 8 LAMDA Speech and Drama, and tutor students taking LAMDA Acting, Speech & Drama and public speaking exams. In September 2017, I was nominated for Best Actress at The Stage Debut Awards for my role as Alice in Anthony Neilson's Alice in Wonderland (2016).

I am Resident Drama Coach for the Keio Japanese Summer School which runs each year at Downing College Cambridge, running Drama and Creativity workshops for groups of 25-35 students at a time. I have 9 years' experience helping lead Drama workshops at summer schools, middle schools, universities and childcare centres in the UK and Japan for British, Spanish, French and Japanese students.

I have over 15 years' experience working with children, having grown up in a house that doubled as a childcare centre. I have supported children as young as 2 and 3 in learning English as a Foreign Language, and in practising for 4-plus entrance tests. At this age, all experiences can be an opportunity for children to learn, if they are presented in the right way. It is essential to connect with young children as individuals, finding out their unique likes, dislikes, interests and skills, in order to discover the best way for them to stay excited about all the things there are to learn in this world.

I offer Self Confidence workshops for groups of any number (private one-on-one sessions also available). These are tailor-made, and can emphasise any combination of audition and interview skills, body confidence and/or strengthening personal intuition.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Spanish, Japanese, French
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Royal Academy of Music2016MastersMA Musical Theatre
University of Cambridge2014Bachelors1:1 BA Japanese Studies
Japan Educational Exchanges and Services2013ProfessionalLevel 1: Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Royal Academy of Music2019ProfessionalLRAM

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