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Hi there!

My name's Jack - I'm 28 years old, a physics graduate and a professional engineer. I grew up in Tewkesbury where my parents still live and went on to study for my Bachelors and Masters degree at Bristol University. After graduating I worked as a software engineer in Bath for a few months before moving back to Cheltenham to start a graduate scheme with GE Aviation Systems.

In my spare time I am a pretty avid guitarist and have been playing for over eight years now. I used to be in a couple of bands while I was at uni and am hoping to get more involved with music now that my graduate scheme is a little less hectic.

I'm a bit of a film buff, particularly science fiction films (shock horror!) - one of my all time favorites is 'Moon', directed by David Bowie's son no less! Aside from that I retain my interest in physics and try and keep my mind in good shape by reading about new theories and ideas.

I am also very fond of reading (although it does take me ages to get through a book these days!) - I think George Orwell is probably my favorite writer and "Animal Farm" my favorite book. Definitely worth reading if you haven't already!

Tutoring Experience

Some of my most meaningful teaching experience has come from university; mentoring my friends and course mates as we supported each other with our exam preparations. Helping someone else get to grips with a tough idea is a wonderful feeling and is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start tutoring.

Students to date have included a university student looking for some support in preparation for a mathematics exam, a GCSE maths/physics student brushing up for exam season and most recently an AS level maths student suffering a crisis of confidence! In all cases I have endeavored to be engaging, understanding and flexible in my teaching style and so far all my students have achieved above and beyond their targets.

On the home front, I have also spent some time helping my girlfriend with her college maths assignments. The work was up to and A level standard and being a bit of a math-phobe she sometimes found it all a bit overwhelming. Taking things slowly and staying positive worked wonders with her final average coming out at over 85%.

Tutoring Approach

Being fairly young and still not that far removed from the student life I know what it feels like to struggle, sometimes in vain, with tough or unfamiliar concepts. When teaching I always try to create an atmosphere where the student feels like there is no judgement so that they are not afraid to ask questions or get things wrong as we learn together.

I try to strike a good balance between teaching the concepts and practicing questions. I usually find that once a student has some experience and the belief that they can get to the right answer they tend to progress really quickly - the biggest part of the battle is almost always confidence and not ability.

Most importantly though I am a friendly, patient person and will always do my best to help. We're a team and if you're my student then I'm in your corner!

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Bristol University2013Masters1st Class in Physics
Tewkesbury Technology College2009CollegeA in Physics A level
Tewkesbury Technology College2009CollegeA in Maths A level
Tewkesbury Technology College2009CollegeA in Further Maths A level

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