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I am a full-time private tutor with school experience in teaching English from primary up to degree level. I graduated as the valedictorian of our English language and literature cohort at Near East University, then studied comparative literature and philosophy for my master’s at King’s College London. My students share one thing in common: a marked improvement in confidence and grades.

My research interests comprise stream of consciousness narratives in modern literature, the intersection of myth and orality in poetry and prose from Cyprus and the Caribbean, and Adorno’s aesthetic theory and the promise of happiness in post-WWII art.

In my free time, I explore international cinema, exercise, and frequent the local jazz club.

Tutoring Experience


I tutor English and Reasoning from 7 plus to 16 plus, covering entrance exams and interview preparation for the top grammar and independent schools across the UK. I have an excellent track record of securing offers from Merchant Taylors’, Harrow, Hampton, Francis Holland, Tiffin, Latymer Upper, Westminster, and the City of London.

Whilst preparing students for the entrance exams, I use a wealth of resources to cover all exam components thoroughly and work with different exam-style questions to ensure teaching is comprehensive. I enjoy working meticulously; I keep a detailed record of interview questions, which I update each year, and prepare custom practice papers to target areas that need improvement.

With the 11+ candidates, I also use the online preparatory application ‘Atom Learning’ to better familiarise them with the nature of the ISEB pre-test and multiple-choice papers and working under time pressure.

I enjoy giving a push to my students and firmly believe that every child has the potential to succeed, even those who claim to be disinterested in a subject. One of my success stories comes from a 10-year-old who considered English his archenemy. After a few months of weekly online tutorials during the pandemic, my student published his first compilation of poetry and turned this book into a massive project by dedicating the proceeds to a charity that aids families affected during the lockdown. I acted as his editor during the whole process and prepared him for numerous interviews held by renowned media organisations, including the BBC, which invited him on their radio programmes.


I tutor ALL EXAM BOARDS offering English language and literature GCSE, A-Level, and their international variants, including the IB (standard and higher level). Whilst tutoring the GCSE or A-Level syllabi, I teach students critical analysis and literary devices and nurture their knowledge beyond studying ‘sample answers’ written by other pupils. Exposing ourselves to different writing techniques of our peers is undoubtedly rewarding; however, at this level where students are still exploring ‘their’ narratives, this method of learning can be unfruitful and detrimental to their motivation.

Having first read English and subsequently comparative literature, I seamlessly transfer an extensive knowledge of textual information and literary theory over to the IB. Most of my students notice a huge difference after a session or two in their ability and confidence to discuss topics within the classroom cohort and the way they perceive a piece of text.


I assist degree-level students with academic writing and research. Due to my academic background, I can cover most humanities subjects and assist with composing the methodology, literature review, and synthesis/discussion. My previous degree level clients were international BA students in English, Architecture, and International Relations at Russell Group Universities, including King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London.

One of my students excelled in architectural theory and history after we started working together in 2019, despite it being a novel experience for me at the time. Throughout her third year, I acted as her supervisor and assisted with the dissertation writing process, which involved contributing a wealth of knowledge in phenomenology and postcolonial theory. Hourly tuition or fees for a set period at this level depends on the amount of preparation and teaching required; therefore, please get in touch for an initial consultation.

Tutoring Approach

As a volunteer tutor who has formed long-established relations with several educational charities in the UK and abroad, I am fully aware that private tuition is a luxury. My fee therefore also gives me the liberty to allocate sufficient time for weekly voluntary work that I carry out in the same dedicated manner.

I realise that thousands of other tutors offer tuition at much cheaper rates with limited experience and insufficient knowledge. I am selective while taking on clients so that I can provide the same devotion and energy for each student.

My teaching style hardly varies; student enjoyment is paramount, and I am very generous with my time. However, every lesson is skilfully tailored to each student’s needs. I offer a premium service where tuition is bespoke and includes regular updates on your child’s progress. Whether teaching online or in person, very few tutors would match my professionalism and interactive lesson dynamic. You will not see me appearing at your doorstep in tracksuit bottoms or munching on snacks during a Skype tutorial, for example.

I am enrolled at renowned tuition agencies across London, including Gabbitas, Bespoke Tuition, Expert Tuition, Educate Private, and Kings Tutors. During each registration process, my academic certificates were authenticated, and my references were contacted. Furthermore, I worked at private schools in Cyprus where I taught GCSE and A-Level material to English language and literature and world history students at Key Stages 3 to 5 and prepared sixth form cohorts for English language qualification exams, including Cambridge assessments and IELTS.

Due to the nature of my voluntary work and previous teaching roles at schools, I have been through extensive child safety training programmes, and I have my DBS updated each year.

As an active tutor over the past decade, I have engaged with students diagnosed with autism and dyslexia who required specific teaching methods suitable to their learning. I regularly revise and refine my knowledge on how to assist special needs students and have been able to successfully help my previous tutees improve their grades in a short period of time.

Throughout my academic experience, I have been extremely fortunate to meet educators who cared for my learning as much as my parents did. Their guidance and pastoral support have had significant effects on my motivation while growing up and even after I took tutoring as a professional career. Owing to their contribution, I value the importance of quality education and the impact it makes at any level. Therefore, I endeavour to mirror their inspiration while working with my students.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Turkish, French
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Near East University2012BachelorsEnglish Language and Literature
Oxford Teachers' Academy2017ProfessionalCertificate