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If you prefer to speak with an education advisor about a personalised tutor match, please call Varsity Tutors UK at 0203 962 1468, to connect with an education advisor.


Oxford 3 prizes in economics —> PPE Oxford First; started Cambridge MPhil in Economic Research; over 3000 hrs experience tutoring —> Private Tutor for 7 years. Akademeia Tutorial College full time professional 1000 hrs tutoring exp. Economics A-Level (60+ 1to1 students), Maths A-Level and Politics A-Level.

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Oxford University PPE First and Cambridge University MPhil in Economic Research student, offering individualized lessons to help your son/daughter excel in economics, politics and maths A-Level.


  1. University of Oxford: BA (First Class Hons) PPE 2018-21 - top in the year in game theory at Oxford University (averaged in the top 8% of the PPE Oxford University cohort)

  2. University of Cambridge: MPhil in Economic Research 2022-present (ongoing)

  3. A-Levels: A*AAA Maths, Further Maths, Government and Politics and History
    -94% average in 5 AS levels, including Philosophy AS.

  4. GCSE: RGS Guildford, 10A*s at GCSE with a A in additional maths.

Awards at Oxford University:

  1. Calvin Cheng Prize in Economics from Hertford College Oxford University

  2. Outstanding performance in Economics from Hertford College Oxford University

  3. Joint best performance in PPE from Hertford College Oxford

I hold a first class degree from the University of Oxford in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I won the Calvin Cheng Prize in Economics from the University of Oxford and won three prizes for performance in economics at Oxford University. I scored top in the year at the University of Oxford in game theory. I am currently doing a Master's in Economic Research at Cambridge University. I have six years and 2500+hrs tutoring experience. I can help students excel in 7+,11+,13+ and University entrance exams, with former students attaining places at Oxford for economics degrees. I can help students achieve top grades in politics, maths and economics A-Level/GCSE, with several former students doing exceptionally well (A/A*). I have a year of full time (50+hrs a week 1to1 tutoring) tutoring experience in an international tutoring school (Akademeia Tutorial College, Warsaw) too, where I helped students with EPQs (economics/politics related), university applications, A-Level economics and A-Level mathematics full time. I can help students excel in economics, maths and politics A-Level, as I was a top graduate (in the top 8%) from the University of Oxford with focus on mathematical economics and political science in the exams. I achieved A*AAA at A-Level in Further Maths, History and Politics. I took five AS levels and averaged 94% in them. I scored 10A*s plus an A in additional maths at GCSE at RGS Guildford. I greatly enjoy mentoring and inspiring students to excel in their education. I derived an enormous amount of joy, excitement and the feeling of possibility from my education. I enjoy inspiring my students to succeed and thrive in their studies and future through tutoring. I have started a masters at Cambridge in Economic Research with the goal of becoming a researcher in economics, which aids me teaching economics and maths A-Level with enthusiasm and depth. My MPhil in Economic Research at Cambridge is very mathematical. Pursuing Economics Research at Cambridge on the MPhil aids me in teaching Economics A-Level and EPQs related to Economics and Politics, where I have a lot of enthusiasm.

Tutoring Experience

I have six years experience as a private tutor and worked full time (50+ hrs 1to1 a week) last year as a professional tutor at Akademeia Tutorial College, Warsaw (for international students seeking A-Levels and GCSEs for UK universities). I teach GCSE maths, economics A-Level, Maths A-Level, oxbridge applications (interviews, personal statements, general preparation and guidance and the PPE entrance exam, TSA), politics A-Level, economics A-Level and 11+ and 13+ entrance exams for private schools. . My lessons on essay evaluation notes for A-Level Economics I wrote have helped several students jump grades (from C to A) very quickly through better exam technique as well as critical evaluation of economic models in the A-Level. Additionally, students last year increased their maths A-Level scores in pure papers from 40% to 90% through private A-Level maths tutoring. I have helped students win places at RGS Guildford (where I was a student), Churcher’s College (11+), KCS Wimbledon (11+), Wellington College (13+), Charterhouse (13+), Churcher’s (11+) and Marlborough (13+) and places at Oxford University. A student came in the top 1% of Oxford University PPE applicants after private lessons, but was on the 30th percentile in practice exams beforehand, which secured them a place at Oxford University (Lady Margaret Hall) for Economics and Management. I tutored a student maths for the 11+ entrance exam and they achieved a commendation for their performance in the exam. I have taught students aged 7-13 at the Kumon maths centre in Haslemere. I have structured revision and school work for students who dropped out of school for their GCSEs, providing home schooling for over 5 months as the main source of teaching. I have inspired many students in maths by accelerating them through the GCSE course to reach their potential.

Tutoring Approach

My economics lessons cover all the analysis and evaluation needed to get an A* for each economics model in A-Level economics. I have detailed notes on online whiteboards that are shareable with the students for every economics model to help them consolidate the material and prepare for the exam. I find evaluation, which is 40% of all essay questions, is not covered well in either the edexcel textbook or the specification, so I have bought extra textbooks to offer clear and thorough coverage of evaluation to make sure students get the 40% of marks available in essay questions in the exam for evaluation. I cover and clarify key concepts, models and evaluation too in the lessons that students need to do well in A-Level economics exams. These lessons focused on economics evaluation have helped students climb several grade boundaries from private tutoring lessons quickly. My maths lessons typically focus on past papers for A-Level and GCSE that my students have done or need help with. I help with practicing and solving the past papers in an interactive and engaging manner on online whiteboards that helps with gaining confidence, experience and problem solving methods relevant for maths exams. I set homework too to structure students' independent learning and help consolidate what we cover in lessons. I enjoy inspiring students to do well in their studies and future through tutoring. I like the theory of the zone of proximal development from Vygotsky as it relates to teaching and capturing students' interests. I find younger students in particular respond well to lessons that stretch and engage them at the edge of what they currently know and have mastered. Economics research indicates students can learn up to 3 times more a year by having questions tailored to their current knowledge level. I think tutoring is very beneficial for students precisely because it is tailored and focused on the student's needs, interests and speed of working, which maximises engagement and retained learning for the student compared to classroom learning. Having spent the last six years as a private tutor, I believe active recall and spaced repetition are the most effective method for students to learn and retain information. I therefore engage students as much as possible with questions that stretch and engage them, as well as consolidate previous material we have already covered through appropriately intellectually challenging questions related to the material we discuss throughout lessons.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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University of Oxford2021BachelorsFirst Class Hons, Politics, Philosophy and Economics

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