My name is David and I am currently a finalist undergraduate student and the SOAS University of London. I am friendly and very patient when it comes to teaching. I have been doing Maths All my life and it’s always been something I enjoyed. I achieved an A in Maths and an A in Further Maths at IGCSE level. I also continued to do it at AS and got an A again and I also got an A at A2. I have taking a mathematical module (Econometrics) at university and achieved a 1st.

Tutoring Experience

I have have been teaching maths for 5 years. The people I teach enjoy the way I explain things and always end up improving. I have helped people with their 11+ exams and GCSEs too. I provide them with loads of past papers based on what they need. I currently tutor many students and they are all improving. I have tutored students via Skype too and they have improved too. The first time I started teaching was through helping classmates at school and this is when I realised I can actually teach. I was then approached by my cousins for help and they were very pleased by my explanations. Since then I would teach anyone who approaches me. I started off tutoring via Skype and did that for two years. During that time I also started tutoring students face to face. From then I have tutored students all the way from year 1 to GCSEs. All my students come from top schools or are entering top schools. I tutor/tutored students from Latymer, Kew House, St Paul's, Kings, Hill House, Wetherby, St. James, Frances Holland and many more.

Tutoring Approach

I believe that achieving a high grade does entirely depend on understanding the content, but understanding the question, and knowing what the mark scheme is looking for.
Therefore my approach to teaching is:

  1. Teaching the topic by and then go through examples of all the different types of questions that they may ask.

  2. Answering practise questions on that topic, repetitive questions will solidify knowledge so that they do no forget how to answer the question and increase speed.

  3. Attempting a test on this topic, untimed or timed

  4. Going through any corrections. Re-sitting a different test on the same topic.

  5. Progress only on to the next topic once knowledge in current topic is sufficient, e.g. 80% pass rate.

I plan on doing this for all topics until all topics have been completed. The student should then complete all past papers and should aim to sit every past paper at least twice (depending on the number of available past papers).

This approach allows students to know exactly what the mark scheme is looking for as questions are often repeated or worded differently with different numbers. The will also be able to know how to respond to each command word (Explain, Give reasons, State, etc).

LanguagesEnglish (British), Arabic
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Unity High School 2014SchoolIGCSE
Ashmole Academy2015SchoolAS-Level
Ashmole Academy2016SchoolA-level

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