Chemistry Tuition in Rushden

Ex-Head of Science from a top Bedfordshire Upper School. A highly experienced A level and GCSE school chemistry teacher and examiner with over 36 years of experience in schools in UK, Australia and in one-to one private tuition here in Sharnbrook Beds. Regularly tutored and taught Medical, Veterinary and Oxbridge students.

Some testimonials:
"Dave Lock tutored me Chemistry AS and A2 levels whilst I was at sixth form. In the summer of year 12 I got an E and a C in the summer exams. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get into uni but he helped me to achieve an A by year 13 which enabled me to get into vet school. I have now completed my third year at Royal Veterinary College and I am so grateful for his after school chemistry lessons. I honestly don’t think I would be at uni today if it wasn’t for him.
I would definitely recommend Dave Lock to anyone struggling with Chemistry. He is very patient and has the ability to make even the periodic table humorous. He gives elements personalities that make learning chemistry interesting and light hearted. He is also very knowledgeable and I found being able to learn 1:1 really helped me to affirm my knowledge and understanding and he gave me the confidence to get the results I needed" HPO June2018

"He delivered the content with passion and skill, I'm now at medical school thanks largely to him."
"Mr Lock always taught chemistry in a memorable, relevant way, and it felt like we didn't just do everything for the exam. I had a great time with him as my teacher."
"He teaches in a way which makes us learn and remember. He makes us write down his hip-hop "chemical raps" in the back of our books,"
"......one of the best teachers ever!!!!"​
"You were my inspiration as a PGCE student!! All the very best in your retirement!"
"He managed to get me a B grade at A level which I doubted was anywhere near possible....
He is highly knowledgeable, patient and most of all able to make science both fun and accessible. Making the concepts come alive made learning more fun but they also stuck around long enough in my grey matter for me to make the grade; far exceeding my expectations! I still remember the physical representation of entropy as he leapt from bench to floor! Immense!

Tutoring Experience

Chemistry specialist to A level.
Ex-head of Science in a top Bedfordshire Upper School (and Head of Chemistry.)
36 years of experience in schools in UK, Australia and in one-to one private tuition here in Sharnbrook Beds.

Chemistry A level and GCSE for people who need bumping up to the highest grades for Medical, Veterinary and Oxbridge students, and for those struggling in some areas and just needing help with the basics.

Tutoring Approach

Need to hit the top grade for university? Or struggling with the basics?
Ex-head of Science in a vibrant Bedfordshire Upper School (and Head of Chemistry.)
Here is chemistry tuition online or face-to-face to help you. 36 years A level Chemistry specialist .

What you need:
For face-to-face option: just yourself, I teach at home in Sharnbrook Beds.
For the online option: a broadband internet connection with computer or laptop with Skype installed, a webcam and a quiet spot in the hneed bumping up to the highest grades for university or medicine, and for those struggling in some areas and just needing a pass.
I'm varied, methodical and somewhat quirky yet year on year demonstrably effective.

Teаching аnd leаrning аre cоmplex prоcesses whоse success relies оn а trusting relаtiоnship between student аnd teаcher. Initiаlly, I will questiоn, listen, chаllenge аnd prоbe tо discоver а student depth оf knоwledge, аbility tо think scientificаlly аnd their аspirаtiоns. This will enаble me tо identify аreаs оf weаkness аnd wоrk аt develоping cоnfidence in expressing ideаs оrаlly аnd in writing. Finаlly, prаctising exаm questiоns will help develоp in-depth understаnding аnd skills оf prоblem sоlving аnd аnаlysis.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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