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If you prefer to speak with an education advisor about a personalised tutor match, please call Varsity Tutors UK at 0203 962 1468, to connect with an education advisor.


I have over 15 years teaching experience, the majority of my work has been at secondary level, where my specialisms are Drama, English, English Literature, History and Film studies. However, I also have extensive experience in primary education where I have taught across the breadth of the curriculum.

My preoccupation with academia was nurtured at a competitive Grammar School, RGS Worcester, a top school with high expectations. I went on to acquire a first class degree. I remain now, as I have always been, a high achiever.

I also work in the creative arts, as actor, tutor and director, inspired by performance art in all its forms. My current artistic interests include revising classics, puppetry, theatre in non-traditional spaces, and working as a freelance drama consultant to help smaller scale theatre companies realise their artistic aims and consolidate their working practices.

Recreationally I enjoy martial arts, exercise and the outdoors. As an avid reader I am particularly drawn to epic literature and sprawling worlds, beguiling first person narratives, comparative religious and spiritual studies, psychology, philosophy and history.

Tutoring Experience

My teaching experience includes:

Secondary Level Education:
- I worked for 6 years as a secondary school teacher, delivering Drama and English lessons, including GCSE and ‘A’ level, from year 7- year 13.
-I devised and delivered a formal curriculum to teach Year 9 Drama (in line with Key Stage Guidelines).
-Extensive experience in coursework, marking, moderation and exam preparation.
-On 2 separate occasions, following Ofsted observations, I was given an 'Outstanding' classification (the highest classification).
-Quantitative end of term reports always placed my classes amongst the highest in terms of achievement and student retention.

‘A’ level Education:
-I taught for 6 years at 2 different Further Education Colleges. I taught English Literature, Drama and Film Studies ‘A’ level.
-Students were offered extra-curricular tutorials to help them achieve their desired results according to their own set of educational needs.
-I emboldened students for university entrance with interview techniques, UCAS procedures and university level preparation.
-The coursework I devised with students for their final A2 Drama and Theatre Studies was picked up as an exemplar of excellent practice, and is still used to this day by Edexcel examination board.

-I devised a range of workshops, and delivered these to selected primary schools across the West Midlands. These workshops raised literacy levels, written and oral communication. They were delivered to year 4, year 5 and year 6 students.
-My work with Redditch Borough Council as Literacy and Outreach Officer earned me an 'Outstanding personal Achievement Award'.
- I have worked as a Supply Teacher in numerous London Primary Schools, teaching all subjects, cross-curricular.

Adult Education:
-I’ve worked with young people trying to get back into education following exclusion, this involved working with charities like CentrePoint.
-I often work with adult learners re-taking their GCSE English.
-Postgraduate students have sought my help in the past, particularly International Students looking to improve the precision of their essays.

University Level:
-Delivering Theatre and Drama lectures, seminars and workshops to students at university level, including The University of Birmingham, University of Worcester, University of Bristol, and University of Warwick.

Other Achievements:
- Community arts and education provision. Following successful Arts Council grants I set up 2 new community arts and education groups in the West Midlands. The aim here was to build permanent organisations to provide access to education, through the arts, for all, regardless of prior educational achievement. These 2 organisations, both of which are still running to this day, are now self-sustaining businesses, now staffed by people who were once students of the organisation.

Tutoring Approach

My approach to tutoring involves the mutual balance of 2 equally important intentions: a sensitive awareness of what a student needs, and establishing a conducive rapport.

I have a flexible communication style, informed by exposure to hosts of different students, I am adaptable and responsive, a necessity built on the recognition that effective learning can only happen when tutor and student understand each other, and are mutually inspired.

At first, my focus with a new student is to provide gentle provocations on different aspects of the subject matter- a process which allows me to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie, also allowing the student to start seeing the subject matter from varying perspectives, and to extend their range of problem-solving and communication strategies.

My approach always depends on the specific needs of the student, most commonly students ask for:
-Information building and comprehension
-Essay writing technique
-Filling in historical/ social/ political or cultural context to areas of study (particularly at ‘A’ level)
-Response to examination questions
-Improving literacy level, reading and comprehension, grammar (particularly at primary level)
-Extending and developing powers of expression

You will find me a generous tutor, I am not a clock watcher, it does not matter, for instance, if a class runs over. I will work hard for you between lessons, marking, researching, and developing new lessons and academic exercises.

My tutoring style is tempered by profound understanding and experience of examination board and national curriculum requirements. Moreover, my many years working as an educator entailed the need to develop a flexible range of teaching strategies correspondent to the varying learning preferences of my students.

Some recent feedback:
‘I wish you had been my tutor before, I feel a lot more confident’
(Chitra, GCSE English, Adult Learner)
‘Great attitude and rapport with my son very engaging’
(Sarah, mother of ‘A’ level; Film and Studies student)
‘We are delighted to have Chris helping my daughter and her friend with the written exam In the last few weeks of their Drama and Theatre 'A ' level. Inspiring, flexible, fun -knowledgeable about the plays, their history and context- he is a fantastic tutor.’
(Felicity, mother of ‘A’ level Drama and Theatre Studies student)

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


University of Bristol1999Bachelorsfirst class (Hons) Drama
Oxford School of Drama2009ProfessionalActing
RGS Worcester1996College4 A Levels, all 'A' (English, History, Ancient History, Performing Arts)

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