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Expert and premier tutor in KS2/KS3/KS4/GCSE/IGSCE Double/Triple Science and AS/A2 Biology and Chemistry
=============SUMMER 2021 RESULTS===============
A Level
Ahmed Bio - B Noah Chem - A
Daniel Bio - A Daniel Chem - A
Sujina Bio - A Sujina Chem - A*
Rohan Bio - A* Kally Chem - A*
Katie Bio - B
Kally - A*

Tanaka Science - 7,8
Kimi Science - 7, 7
Mudiwa Sciences - 7, 8, 8
Benjys Bio Physics - 6, 7
Mia IGCSE - 9, 9, 9
Rue Sciences - 8, 9, 9

13+ Entrance Exams
Leo - Passed entrance exams for a top selective private school.
Sanyo - Passed and got into local grammar school.

Are having problems with subject knowledge?
Or perhaps you are struggling with confidence and exam technique?
Do you feel like you have the knowledge and you just feel you can’t put it right in exams or assignments?
Do you feel you are not reaching your full potential for some reason?
If one of the above questions apply to you look no further, you are on the right tutor profile.

I am energetic and innovative tutor with ability to bring lessons to life and cultivate an eager and active student engagement by adapting teaching style to suit the needs of different students. I have an excellent knowledge of the techniques and styles required to do well in exams.

I have a BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE, and QTS. My expertise in structured and strategic tutoring can make a huge difference in confidence, skill set, grade obtained, choice of A levels, university, or even a career. For a boutique and bespoke tuition experience that does work and delivers tangible results please contact me today.

I am an expert examiner and moderator with Edexcel, and I am currently Head of Biology in a Sixth Form College. With over with 11 years of GCSE and A level examining experience and over 20 years of real classroom teaching experience, I consider myself to be an elite tutor and my record speaks for itself and I am probably one of the best science tutors on this site. I recently led a science department of a tough Sixth form college to first successful Ofsted result (October 2019) in 19 years of its existence. I have tutored AS/A2 Biology/Chemistry and IGCSE/KS4/KS3/13+ Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

I have obtained excellent results with my students because my lessons and resources have been fine-tuned and differentiated over many years. I have tutored over 300 private UK and International students with outstanding results, please see my feedback. I have successfully tutored students who have in the past three years entered Oxford, Warwick, Nottingham, UCL, Kings, and many others. I have an extensive array of fine-tuned exam board-specific resources specific (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Edexcel, EDUQAS / WJEC) for teaching, examination, and homework.
I offer both one-to-one and online lessons. I have been doing online tuition for the past 4 years, but it has certainly seen a huge increase in popularity in the last 8 months, however many parents are not familiar with how this works. For an in-depth explanation on how this can be beneficial to you, your child's life and more on how it works, please contact me. The last 5 reviews on my profile are from online clients. I feel online lessons are more efficient than conventional face to face, with no travel expenses and time wasted through travel. I like to include parents as much as they feel they can, to ensure the best possible outcome.

I have a live DBS and I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead for my tuition company.

At the moment I am working on my Ph.D. which I hope to complete within the next five years. I have an interest in nature photography, love the outdoors and traveling.

Tutoring Experience

==========SUMMER 2019 RESULTS==================

Lani Science 88 predicted 6/7
Lani Maths 7 predicted 6
Josh Science - result 6.7 Predicted was 5.5
Josh Maths result 6 predicted 4

Elliot Science Result 9.8.9 Predicted 7.7.7
A level
Aisha passed and she is reading Medicine at a top EU university
Fatima retook her A2 Bio and A2 Chem and got BA respectively and she is now studying MSc Pharmacy at a Russell group University.

========================SUMMER 2018 RESULTS==================================
Congratulations once again to my students who have done exceedingly well.
Jack got a B - I took on Jack in the last term of his year 12. He was working around E/D grade. I worked with him and he improved his subject knowledge, exam technique and confidence. Armed with a B in Biology is off to study BioMed at a top Russesll Group Uni. Well done Jack and Best wishes.

Students who set GCSE did so on the new specification. Students faced many challenges but those who chose to join me and my organisation did very well. Most students improved their working grades.

Arif - got 9,8,9 (A*, A, A*). Arif is an academically gifted student and he put in a lot of effort in his work.His working grade when he joined me was a 7,7,7. He will be studying his A levels at a top grammar school. Arif will be joining me as an assistant.

Peter got 6,7 (B,A). When Peter joined me and my organisation he was working at 5,5. He improved his working grade and confidence when he joined my intensive revision sessions. He is off to study at a local Sixth Form.

Callum - Callum got 4 (C) I took on Callum 3 months before exams and his working grade was 1,2 (E/G). I believe that of all students I have tutored he has made the greatest grade for grade improvement. I am so proud of the progress he made. He is off to study his level 3 course in a college. Well done Callum.

Kayo - Got a A*A when she joined my organisation she was working at 6.7. She worked hard and she is off to study A levels at a top grammar school.

Sef- Got a 9,8,9 when he joined my organisation he was working at 7,6,7, level. Sef is an excellent student of science and he will do well at grammar school.

*********************************SUMMER 2017 RESULTS************************************************
2017 results can only be described as "AWE-INSIPIRING". Results keep on improving year on year.

Katie got an A (predicted grade C). She is off to study at a Russell Group Uni.

Becky - Found Physics very challenging before I tutored her but with a carefully structured intensive revision programme she clinched an A and she is off to study A levels at a Grammar school

Noel - A brilliant scholar very mathematical but found the theory and explanations part of IGCSE Physics challenging however with my bespoke and carefully structured tutoring he improved significantly and got an A*!!! he is off to study at a grammar school.

Nick - An excellent academic operative. He did IGCSE and found exam technique a challenge with my tried and tested methods he clinched an A*!!!! and he is taking his A levels at a top grammar school.

Sophie - Cheerful student willing to go the extra mile. Without doubt one of the most hardworking students I have tutored. Found Physics a challenge with a carefully crafted tutoring schedule she got an A and she is off to study A levels.

****************************************SUMMER 2016 RESULTS***************************************************

Omar got an A star! (Suffice to mention that I have tutored Omar since GCSE. He got AAA for his GCSE, and A in AS Biology). He is off to study at a Russell Group University.

Nonsy got a B in her AS retake Modules. Prior to my tutoring she had an E in AS Biology with my structured and intensive tutoring and focus on EXAM TECHNIQUE she did well and she is off to Uni to study at her first choice Uni.

***********************************SUMMER 2015 RESULTS***********************************************
AS BIOLOGY - Omar got an A
A2 BIOLOGY- Manav got a B, Eliot got an A

*************************************SUMMER 2014**********************************************************
A2 The results were excellent
Tasneem, by her own addmission (see feeback) never thought she could do well in A2 Biology. With my structured tutoring she managed to clinch a high B with only a few marks from an A. She got into her first choice of Uni.
Lucy was predicted a lower C in her final A2 Biology exams with a carefully managed tutoring programme she managed to get a High B with only a few marks off an A. She got into her first choice of Uni.

Jess got a D in AS and she managed a B in her A2 and she is off to her first choice Uni.

As usual GCSE results were awesome all students getting AAA in science.

***********************************SUMMER 2012 RESULTS********************************************
Both A-Level and GCSE results were great!!!

Student A moved grades from a DC in Double Science to BB (second attempt). She went on to do AS Biology. Student B got an A*AA in Triple Science on her first attempt.

A Level
Mel moved 3 grades from a grade C to an A*(second attempt) and went on to study at a Russell Group Uni. What a remarkable achievement!!!
Hannah moved from a predicted grade of a D to a B and went on to first choice Uni.

References from past tutees are available upon request. CRBs can also be viewed (on request) before tutoring begins.

Tutoring Approach

 Audit level of understanding and attainment.
 Carry out a Learning Styles Questionnaire.
 Produce bespoke differentiated tutorial support lessons.
 Practice student centred tutoring.
 Practice and polish study and exam techniques focusing on scientific knowledge, application of scientific Concepts and how Science Works.


My tutoring sessions are designed to help students seeking academic excellence achieve their greatest potential. they consist of the following core elements.

Because I know a student can achieve when their needs are properly understood. I start by defining a student’s needs - the student's learning style, strengths and areas for development, by doing this I will have a clear view of the student and know precisely where to start.

After an assessment, I plan and create a bespoke differentiated action plan that is unique to the student so that the student can achieve success quickly.

Using peer-reviewed motivation strategies and techniques I deliver excellent tuition, working on building knowledge, confidence, and more importantly on practicing and polishing study and exam techniques.

Because results matter to you and me. I constantly assess and track progress to engage your child.

I run an intensive exam preparation program to set your child for success.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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University of Ulster2010MastersMSc Science Regulations
University of Greenwich2006PGCEPG Certificate in Education (Science)
University of Huddersfield2003MastersScience
Institute for Education 2017QTSQTLS

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