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I can help you and your children to understand the new requirements, retain – and even improve – their academic standards and stay engaged with teaching and learning.

I consider myself to be a confident and organised person. I have excellent communication skills that allow me to communicate effectively and efficiently around others, vital in tutoring.

I am an experienced Mathematics & Science Teacher with a passion and drive to see my students excel in their learning. Whether they need a confidence boost in their ability or just general guidance with their study skills.

My unique approach to tutoring allows me to adjust to my students learning style.

Tutoring Experience


1) Taught over 270+ diverse students from grammar, private and state schools, including Leicester Grammar Junior School, LGS Stoneygate, Leicester Grammar School, Tiffin, TMET (Leicester), LEH, Hampton, St. John's, Latymer, Westminster, Langley Grammar, Lampton, Heathland, Esher and others

2) I have actively led projects in the education and pharmaceutical sectors - consulted Pearson to understand needs of schools and students, and co-develop framework to measure academic efficacy of curriculums

3) Proven track record with statistical evidence of at least three to four grade improvements in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

4) Supported 63+ students for successful admissions to private and grammar schools.

5) Conducted support clinics / classes for Management Studies Tripos undergraduates at the University of Sussex, University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford

6) Most importantly, I have a passion for the subjects that I teach and I try to pass that enthusiasm to my students too; as a happy student is a more productive student.

Tutoring Approach

1) The underlying fаctоr fоr my success lies in my ability tо adapt my teаching style аccоrding tо eаch student's requirements

2) I prоvide prаcticаl аnd lively exаmples tо explаin cоncepts in Mаths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

3) I guide my students tоwаrds оbtаining cоrrect аnswers with а series оf well-plаced questiоns rаther thаn prоviding them with infоrmаtiоn tо 'rоte leаrn'

4) I аm very pаtient аnd endeаvоur tо remоve the аbstrаctiоn in mаthemаticаl cоncepts thrоugh simplificаtiоn оf seemingly cоmplex prоcedures

5) I аm а strоng believer in building а gооd working relаtiоnship with my students

6) I tend tо fоcus оn hаrder exаm questiоns eаrly оn sо thаt students аre nоt оverwhelmed with them neаrer tо exаm time

7) I provide students with visuаl representаtiоns in science which has wоrked wоnders in estаblishing their cоncepts

8) I ask students tо teаch bаck whаt I tаught them a few weeks аgо which helps in imprоving their cоmmunicаtiоn skills besides serving аs а revisiоn tооl

9) I provide students with efficient methods of doing questions to save time during time-pressured exams

10) Discussing the wider applications of the material to help with memory retention and exams

11) Exam specific advice, such as commonly asked questions, or definitions that might come up alongside exam practise (I have a bank of past exam papers, split by topic, for the subjects I teach)

I am a flexible tutor who can hold classes any day of the week and weekends. I am offering discount rates for small group tutoring, please message me for more information.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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University of Sussex2021BachelorsChemistry

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