I am a dedicated International Professional History Tutor working solely in this capacity. This allows me complete commitment and dedication to my students whom are working across all exam boards and History courses. I’ve tutored students online from Spain to Singapore. This ensures I have a very good understanding of all exam systems, how examiners mark and what they look for. Almost all the requests for help are derived from students being unable to translate what “develop your answer” written at the bottom of an essay means for them, or how to incorporate “judgement” into their work. Students know they need to add these to their work, but don’t know how. This is where I come in. Not only have my methods been applied very successfully to History, but many students have informed me that such techniques have helped their grades in other Arts subjects as well.

I am available for online tuition or on a 1-to-1 basis in my dedicated study.

Tutoring Experience

I’ve been working as a professional tutor for seven years, so I’m well placed to know exactly what to do to improve your essay writing and source interpretation. I also possess a Masters in Education from the University of Southampton as well as my PGCE teaching qualification and my BA (Hons) from the 5 star rated Economic and Social History Department at the University of Leicester. Prior to tutoring I worked for 5 years as a classroom History Teacher where some of my A-Level students achieved an illusive 100 per cent on the modules I taught.

Recent Tutoring successes include:
2017 – a student who had a predicted grade of a ‘C’ achieved an ‘A*’ in History. He is now applying for Oxbridge.
2017 – another student had been achieving ‘C’s’ and ‘D’s’ in essays, she achieved an ‘A’ grade on Results Day.
2016 – a student who came to me with ‘D’ grade essays achieved 78/80 in the module we focused on.
As a classroom teacher two of my A2 students achieved 100% on my exam paper (AQA Germany 1871-1925 Alternative E course)

Please take time to read the reviews from current and former students who testify to the effectiveness of my tutoring methods.

I have excellent subject knowledge across all periods of history and have tutored:

• The Tudors – 1485 to 1603 (including Rebellion and Disorder)
• Puritanism and Catholicism in Stuart England
• The English Civil War
• 19th Century Britain
• The Industrial Revolution
• Post War Britain – 1945 to 2010
• Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest
• Witchcraft in England and Europe -1540 to 1640
• The Cold War – 1945 to 1991
• The French Revolution – 1779 to 1815
• France 1815 to 1890
• Germany 1871 to 1990
• The American West and Expansion 1800 to 1900
• Native Americans
• The Civil Rights Movement
• Tsarist Russia 1854-1954
• Communist Russia – 1917 to 1990

Tutoring Approach

I appreciate that engaging a tutor is a difficult decision to make and many students are reluctant to make an ongoing commitment to a day and time. This is why my online approach works so well as it is entirely up to you how much or how little you use my services. As I work during the day, you have no need to commit to a specific slot for online tuition.

Students begin by emailing a recently completed essay, preferably in Word. I then finely mark and amend the essay, making comment on additional information which could have been introduced, and demonstrating how a specific point could have been developed further. Many students do not have a detailed enough conclusion and my method shows how your conclusion could have been developed further. This is not just the only document you’ll receive back. In addition, a detailed ‘Report’ is written on the essay – usually 3 to 4 typed pages long, which addresses exactly what you need to do to improve. Where I consider your essay could have been improved by greater subject knowledge, I will scan in and email relevant pages from my own text books to supplement your own knowledge. Once the report is complete, I will request payment to a nominated parental email account via PayPal. Upon payment, the report, amended essay and any additional documentation will be emailed, usually within the hour and often immediately.

Please note: any review of coursework typically can take up to 3 hours for a 9 page document and consequently a good-will deposit of £25 is required before the work is undertaken.

Benefits of online tutoring

  1. The benefits to the student are that you have a tailor-made review of your own work with clear instructions how to improve. This is enhancing your own style, rather than using a model answer which leaves a student with the feeling, “I could never write like that.”
  2. The report also explains how to approach essays more generally in future, how to deconstruct the question, how vital an introduction is, how to lead effectively from one paragraph to another and how to write an ‘A’ calibre conclusion.
  3. These can be referred back to at any time by the student; you are not trying to recall to mind a verbal lesson from days or weeks ago.
  4. There are no time slots for you to adhere to.
  5. You don’t leave your own house.
  6. Turnaround on an essay is typically 24 to 48 hours, but often less than that depending on how many essays or courseworks I have to review.
  7. Payment is by a secure and trusted method (PayPal) so you are protected. I’ve never had any issues at all with this means of payment.
  8. Much more can be achieved and covered in an hour online than face-to-face so the student is getting better value for money and often needs far less tutoring hours.
  9. Online tutoring secures a 10 per cent discount from my usual £35 per hour fee.

I always reply to emails or calls within a few hours, so you always feel supported.

I am able to demonstrate how to deconstruct a set question, how to plan it and some key points to include, but I am a highly ethical tutor and will never write an essay for a student.

My availability for face-to-face tuition is more limited, but I have a dedicated study at the front of the house where we can work on an ongoing basis. At present (Feb 2018) I have an alternate Tuesday 7.30pm slot, or every Tuesday at 8.30pm as well as every Wednesday at 8.30pm. Parents are more than welcome to sit in on the lessons, or return after the hour. As lessons take place in the family home, I'm afraid there is no specific waiting area.

I look forward to hearing from you on any questions you may have. Remember, availability is not an issue!

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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University of Southampton2009MastersEducation
University of Southampton2005PGCEHistory
University of Leicester1999BachelorsEconomic and Social History
Teaching Council for England2005QTSQTS Status

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