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My postgraduate qualifications are a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College, an MSc (Distinction) in Mathematical Modelling from UCL, a Diploma of Imperial College (DIC) in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces and an MA from Oxford University (Magdalen College) in Physics. He has a BA (First Class Honours) in Physics from Oxford University (Magdalen College).

I came 2nd overall in the Oxford entrance exams (entrants are from across the world, not just the UK), earning a Demy scholarship, which I retained for 3 years (you only retain the scholarship if exam performance is maintained), also wining the Tutorial Prize from the Jex Blake fund in his second year at Magdalen. I obtained straight A's and distinctions in A-level and S-level (today's AEA) Maths, Further Maths and Physics.

I am a Member of the Institute of Physics (MIntsP) and has a current enhanced DBS check.

In 2017, I established the website, where I run and deliver courses in A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics during Easter at Imperial College and Online. I also run and delivers the maths and physics components of the Oxford Physics Aptitude Test course.

Tutoring Experience

I have for many years provided tuition to students in Maths and Physics and has achieved excellent results with students of a wide range of abilities (including SEN) and with varied language levels all requiring high grades to enter university. Much of his work is with A-level students preparing for university.

A-level Maths and Physics:
I've tutored for many years students in GCE A-level Maths, A-level Further Maths (core, statistics and mechanics) and A-level Physics, Oxford PAT and Cambridge NSAA. For GCE A-level, he covers Maths, Further Maths (core, statistics and mechanics) and Physics, covering Edexcel, OCR A, OCR B, OCR MEI, AQA and WJEC Eduqas exam boards, including S1-S6 AQA Statistics.

Oxford Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) and Cambridge Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment (NSAA):
I have tutored many students in the Oxford PAT and also the Cambridge NSAA (maths and physics part). Recent successes are students who gained entry to Pembroke and Trinity College, Oxford.

GCSE, 11 Plus and 13 Plus:
I also tutor students in GCSE Physics, Maths and Additional Maths as well as Maths and Science for Common Entrance, 11+, 13+ (including 13+ scholarship), 16+, KS2, KS3 where I have successfully helped students prepare and enter St. Paul's School, Dulwich College, Latymer Upper and Cheltenham Ladies College, also achieving a maths prize at UCS Hampstead and an academic scholarship at St. Paul's School.

Degree level:
I have also tutored students in Maths and Statistics modules from degree level chemistry (UCL), economics (UCL) and pharmacy courses, Maths and Physics from degree level engineering (Imperial College), Maths and Physics for a Nanotechnology MSc (Sheffield), and Statistics and Probability for a Machine Learning MSc (UCL). In addition he has designed and delivered the lecture course and exam questions for the Partial Differential Equations part of the Nonlinear Systems core module of the Mathematical Modelling MSc at UCL over several years.

Teaching in school:
I'm Head of Physics and Maths at one of the most oldest and respected tutorial colleges in London (OFSTED oustanding in all categories) where he teaches A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics. His results in 2017 were that all of his students scored A*, A or B, for his college and private students. See my linkedin profile.

Tutoring Approach

My students have completely different personalities and a wide range of abilities, but all have a common goal which is to pass exams to proceed to the next level of their education. In tutoring A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics as well as the Oxford Physics Aptitude Test, I see my role as enabling the student to achieve the grades needed for their first choice university whereas for younger students my role is to help them to do well in their GCSEs so they can proceed to A-level or to help them get into their first choice schools at 11 or 13 plus (students I have tutored in the past few years gained admission to St. Paul's School, Cheltenham Ladies College, Dulwich, Latymer Upper). My approach is to guide the student's understanding in physics and maths, giving the simplest explanations possible in teaching the course content (whether this is A-level or GCSE), proceeding at a pace suitable for the student, leveraging what they have already learned and understood at school, and concentrating on topics the student finds difficult to understand. I then proceed with exam past paper practice so the student is very well prepared and confident when sitting the exam. The tuition is done in a relaxed and friendly manner where the student is free to ask questions, with student and parents treated with respect and dignity. Many of the students I have tutored in the past few years gained admission to universities including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College, Bristol and Manchester, all of whom gained a B, A or A*, reaching ther target offers.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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Imperial College, London, UK1998DoctoratePhD
Magdalen College, Oxford, UK1988BachelorsBA, Physics, First Class Hons
Magdalen College, Oxford, UK1994MastersMA, Physics
Imperial College, London, UK2005MastersDiploma of Imperial College, Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces

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