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I am the CEO of Removedand a qualified dentist from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry who has achieved 14A* & 6A at GCSE/IGCSE, A*A*A at A level (Biology, Maths and Chemistry,) an additional A at AS and A* in my EPQ project.

Teaching is a passion of mine which I have embraced for many years and sadly I have found many limitations with the British education system and tuition scene. This is why I have established my own company Removed to tackle the problems.

Having attended a poor performing state school during my secondary school education, I was left to work out how to best achieve grades that will help me do well in life all by myself. I personally understand the struggle of being a student and I know what it takes to achieve fantastic grades. My main drive to set up my own company was that tuition will help you get better at one subject but with a mentoring scheme, the mentor cares about the student on all aspects: speed of learning, content, exam technique, etc.

As a tutor and mentor, in order to best teach my student, I adapt my teaching style to best meet their needs and the way they want to learn. While some students learn best by going through the textbook, others learn better by being taught with illustrations. There are many different styles of teaching and my 8 years of experience in tutoring has allowed me to master these teaching styles for different students.

Something a lot of students struggle with is finding enjoyment in learning the subjects they’re being taught which is why I always love adding ‘fun facts’ to my teaching. The reason I do this is because it makes the content much more interesting if they’re able to relate it to real-life scenarios and also, the example will help them memorise the content as they may remember the fun facts which will remind them of the content.

Having completed 20 GCSE/IGCSE/FSMQ/O level qualifications during my secondary school education, I am the best person to teach you the revision techniques that will allow you to achieve the exact same results if not better. I can help you with a step by step guide of how to gain a grade 9/A* in all of your subjects.

I am THE MOST EXPERIENCED TUTOR WHO HAS COMPLETED THE LINEAR A LEVELS. I was part of the year group to first be taught the new Linear A levels and was able to achieve A*A*Aa + A* (EPQ) without any past papers available for this new specification while applying to dental schools and preparing for interviews throughout my 2nd year of A levels. Once I teach you how to study, make a study plan for you and give you the best method for revision, you can also achieve these grades or even better grades with ease.

Having done well in my UKCAT exam, I am also more than confident in teaching this. There are many techniques and methods that I can teach you to help you prepare for the UCAT exam. To do well in the UCAT exam, you must be practising using the best tools available, you must spend the right amount of time practising this exam as well knowing the best methods to answer questions quickly in this time dependant exam. I have advise and methods for all of these aspects that have helped students in the past gain very high scores in the UKCAT & UCAT exam.

During my application to Dental school, I have been able to achieve all four offers which includes offers from the following dental schools: Barts (Queen Mary,) King's College, Cardiff and Sheffield. I am confident in helping with any part of the application process to dental or medical school (including: picking the right dental/medical schools, personal statements, interviews, etc)

Many students do not realise that there is not only one pathway into Medicine or Dentistry. While spaces for these two subjects are very difficult to gain, every year, thousands of students are able to achieve them. What medical and dental schools do not want you to be aware of is that you can gain a place at these medical/dental schools even if you have not gained the right grades, UCAT/BMAT scores, haven’t passed the interview or haven’t written the best personal statement. This may come as a surprise to you but students are able to get into some medical/dental schools with grades lower than AAA or UCAT scores lower than 650 and I can help explain how this is possible. Having thoroughly researched all the different pathways of entry into dental school I especially enjoy helping others achieve their dreams of getting into dental/medical school.

A question I get asked often is ‘WHY DID YOU NOT GO TO CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD/IMPERIAL/UCL?’ Simple, they don’t offer Dentistry as a course. The best Dental school in the country is by far Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (the university I am attending).

I have over 8 years of experience in tutoring many different students from different age groups and I have helped all of them achieve their target grades or grades higher than their target grades. I have also guided students with all their other subjects and made them some of the most well-informed students amongst their age groups.

I am also DBS checked which you can check upon request.

Please note that if you want me to travel to your home, I will charge my hourly tuition rate for the journey time to your home and back + lesson time + petrol costs.

Tutoring Experience

I have had experience in teaching students GCSE/IGCSE maths, chemistry, biology and physics. I have also had experience in teaching A level chemistry and A level biology.

I have tutored several students, helping them with all the stages of the dental and medical school application which has led to many offers being achieved.

Tutoring Approach

I am happy to adapt any teaching style that the student feels comfortable. This can be anything from the student asking me questions, explaining difficult topics or we can go through the whole specification over several lessons.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Persian
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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St Dominic's Sixth Form College 2017CollegeA level Chemistry
St Dominic's Sixth Form College 2017CollegeA level Biology
St Dominic's Sixth Form College 2017CollegeA level Maths
Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry 2022BachelorsDentistry

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