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The city of Oxford is situated in the centre of the county of Oxfordshire. The population of the city itself is only about 170,000. However, the larger county area has a population of roughly 683,000 people. The county serves more than 110,000 students in about 350 schools. The city is perhaps most well known for being the home of the oldest university in an English-speaking country—the University of Oxford.

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Masters: 2:1 MEng Engineering Science (2013)
how confusing some teaching styles can be; my methods are always clear and direct, usually from a more intuitive perspective. The notes we make during a lesson are emailed to the student in PDF form to use a revision notes in the future - my students have always found this particularly helpful! I am happy to offer short-term, high-intensity tutoring for last minute exam revision if required. I have taken a number of students through...


Masters: MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management - Distinction (2015)
specific piece of coursework or a dissertation. My approach is to create an encouraging, supportive environment for those who I teach. I ensure that every lesson is fitted to the unique needs of each student, and employ psychological learning style profiles and lesson planning in order to do so. Tutees should look forward to sessions and so I focus strongly on interactive tutoring and encouraging lateral thinking - there is very little talking 'at' tutees...


PGCE: Primary Education - subject specialism in mathematics (2003)
the children in my care, recently having been given responsibility for leading Pupil Premium work. I have led mathematics in both schools and seen through a few changes in the curriculum. I have some experience tutoring both one to one and in small groups and these have always been very rewarding. My approach is flexible depending on what is needed. I would usually begin with the topic they are currently studying or any objectives that...


Masters: Biodiversity and Environmental Quality - first honours (2014)
- Bristol, United Kingdom July 2014 - August 2015: Italian teacher - Bristol, United Kingdom June 2015 – August 2015: Italian Teacher for a company - Bristol, United Kingdom June 2015 – August 2015: Research collaborator, University of Bristol, Life Sciences - Bristol, United Kingdom May 2014 - August 2015: Biology tutor - Bristol, United Kingdom April 2015: Italian Examiner – Cambridge, (CIE) IGCSE Italian for 3A Tutors Ltd & Bristol Language School - Bristol,...


Masters: Merit MA (Mediaeval Studies) (2007)
a senior scientist I spent a considerable amount of time training and supervising students. I have worked with children and teenagers in voluntary roles in school, church and community groups. I also have some experience working with children and adults with special needs, particularly in areas of the autistic spectrum, anxiety issues and dyslexia. I am a friendly, calm and patient person. I listen to both the student and parent (where appropriate) to attempt to...


Bachelors: Bachelor of Arts (Classics/History & Religion) (2003)
and 2 weeks with the Bath Academy (Bath) in 2013 doing Easter Revision sessions. Outside of the school or college setting I have also worked with GCSE and A Level students as a private tutor for Ancient History, History, Religious Studies, Philosophy and English students, helping each one to achieve more ably in their GCSE and A level exams. I have worked with secondary students on a range of topics, including world religions, ancient, medieval...


Masters: MA Comparative Literature (2016)
theatre and stand-up comedy workshops as well as individual voice coaching sessions. I am also an experienced mentor, working on study skills and providing support to examination candidates and interpersonal skills for students on the Autism spectrum. In 2018-19, I plan to specialise in SEN support for language students. From my experience, teaching is about communication, empathy and stimulating creativity. To learn a language is to connect with an aspect of yourself you were previously...


Masters: Engineering Science (2:1) (2013)
- before the class moves on. Private tutoring is an excellent way to identify things that the student has been taught, but has not had the chance to properly understand. I have two favourite techniques for this. 1) Asking "why is this the answer?" The classroom does not usually provide sufficient time for this. But in a private tutorial, we can get into the true concepts behind the material - usually making the material a...
as over a more sustained sourse of learning. I am able to assist with coursework and study skills, and I am an approved A-level examiner in my subject areas. My flexible approach reflects an understanding tutors need to work with each client as an individual. I believe that a student is often the best person to judge their own strengths and to identify areas for improvement. Therefore, I feel that the best way to work...


Bachelors: MML - French & German. 1st (Congratulatory) (2015)
with Composition. I also offer tuition in English and History up to A-Level, and have experience of both - contact me for details. I have taught everything from music theory to English as far afield as New York and Madagascar, not to mention in my home town of Oxford. I love teaching children and teenagers, and have taught from ages 8 to 18. I have experience of living, working and studying in both France and...

Subjects Taught: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Electronics / Electronic Engineering, Business Related, Greek (Ancient), Russian, Mandarin, Psychology, Government and Politics, Computer Studies / I.T., Economics, Law, Entrance Exams, Special Needs, Music, Drama, English (Foreign Language), Arabic, Sociology, Urdu, Philosophy / Critical Thinking, PE / Sport Science, Study Skills, Medicine, Classical Civilisation, History Of Art, Mechanical Engineering

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  • David

    David, Oxford
    Joined: 27/09/2013 | Av. Price: £50.00 p.h.
    Maths, Physics
    Masters: 2:1 MEng Engineering Science (2013)

  • Alexander

    Alexander, Oxford
    Joined: 19/02/2014 | Av. Price: £33.00 p.h.
    Masters: MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management - Distinction (2015)

  • James

    James, Oxford
    Joined: 17/02/2016 | Av. Price: £30.00 p.h.
    Maths, English
    PGCE: Primary Education - subject specialism in mathematics (2003)

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First Tutors helps parents and pupils identify qualified tutors in the Oxford area. Private tutors are available to work with you or your child in an online environment or in person. Private tutoring sessions can be scheduled throughout the week at a time that's most convenient for your schedule in a wide array of local settings, such as your home or a library, park, or cafe. The online learning platform is ideal for those families who have a packed schedule and cannot fit in any other commutes or in-person meetings. No matter what your schedule looks like, First Tutors wants to help you connect with the perfect personal tutor to meet your needs.

A professional tutor in the Oxford area can help you or your child at any point in the learning process.

Primary School Tutors in Oxford

First Tutors understands just how important it is to give your child the best academic start possible. It is during Key Stages 1 and 2 that students begin to integrate the building blocks for all the numeracy and literacy skills to come. During these pivotal years, your child will be constantly facing new and challenging information. Without mastering these skills during this time, many children may struggle into their university years and even as they move into careers.

Private tuition provides an unparalleled level of academic support and guidance from a professional tutor, which can significantly improve your child's ability to reach their academic potential. When working with a private tutor, your child is the only focus. This means a tutor can really get to know your child and discover their unique learning style, academic gifts, and learning challenges. The tutor can then use this information to create a unique learning plan specifically for your child to help them move through courses more effectively.

Some of the best primary schools in the Oxford area include:

Primary School


Percentage of Pupils Meeting Expected Standard

The Ridgeway Church of England Primary School



Kingham Primary School



Goring Church of England Aided Primary School



Shiplake Church of England School



Bletchingdon Parochial Church of EnglandPrimary School



No matter which Oxford-area primary school your child attends, you will likely notice they are facing an increased amount of pressure as they get closer to the end of Year 6. This can show up as an unusual level of difficulty with a particular subject area. It could also become apparent that the pupil's general study skills need to be improved. These skills become increasingly important during a student's secondary years. This is something a personal tutor can help with. Your child's private tutor can work with them to improve general study skills, time management, and organisational skills, as well as help them develop greater test-taking confidence with the introduction of new testing strategies.

Secondary School and Further Education Tuition in Oxford

The transition into a new type of learning environment can cause some pupils to experience a level of academic disorientation. Children who were previously thriving in their studies may suddenly find themselves struggling with the new environment and academic requirements. A personal tutor can work with them to find their footing and establish themselves in this new setting.

There are many great options for secondary education in the Oxford area, including:

Secondary School


Grade 5 or Above in English & Maths GCSEs




The Cherwell School



Gillotts School



Cranford House School Trust Limited



Matthew Arnold School



Whether your child will be entering a grammar school or other secondary school, the main focus will rapidly become preparing for their GCSEs and A levels. These tests are important because the results can directly impact future academic opportunities. This understandably causes added stress for many students. Additionally, these exams have become even more stressful over the past few years because they have undergone significant structural changes.

Working with a professional tutor can decrease the stress associated with the exams by giving your child a greater number of opportunities to practice and prepare. A tutor with experience in the new testing formats also has greater insight into the best methods for preparing effectively for your child's upcoming GCSEs or A levels.

University-Level Tuition in Oxford

While the University of Oxford is undoubtedly the best-known university in the Oxford area, it is not the only option. There are many highly ranked universities nearby, including:


UK Ranking

Global Ranking

University of Oxford



University of Southampton



University of Reading


Top 250

University of Surrey


Top 300

Brighton and Sussex Medical School


Top 350

No matter which university you or your child selects, First Tutors can help you find a skilled private tutor who can help navigate students through the academic waters from the admissions process all the way through graduation.

Home tuition is available in the Oxford area for many different subjects, including:

  • Accounting: Financial
  • Bookkeeping
  • CMS: Joomla
  • Combined Science
  • Dance
  • Economics
  • Electronic Engineering
  • English
  • Finance: Banking
  • Foreign Languages
  • Government
  • Graphic Design
  • Law
  • Management
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Public Speaking
  • Sociology
  • Theory of Information Systems
  • Writing

First Tutors makes it easy to connect with highly qualified tutors in the Oxford area. These tutors are eager to work with pupils of all ages and skill levels. Let First Tutors help you or your child find an experienced tutor today by entering your search criteria now.