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First Tutors’ tutor search can help you locate the best private, 1 on 1 Sociology tutors throughout the UK. use our site to locate personal Sociology tutors near you and then choose the private tutor who best fulfils your criteria.

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Bachelors: BSc (Hons) Psychology with Sociology (1998)
methods but, as a research-based subject, it is impossible to achieve high grades without knowing this well. It is applied to all other topics and therefore has a great impact on results. For this reason, I provide students with my own summarised notes which they find extremely helpful. Grades rapidly improve once students can apply this knowledge appropriately. We discuss the real-world issues around the various topics which makes them more memorable and interesting. This...


History, Religious Studies, Psychology, Citizenship, Sociology, Health / Social Care
PGCE: social science (2006)
great emphasis on essay writing which is vital in both Psychology and Sociology. From my experience, knowledge about subject content is often high with most students, however the reason they may struggle in exams is down to exam technique; once that is conquered then results tend to follow. A major passion of mine is to make sure that students enjoy the subject and have the confidence to know that they can succeed. For degree students,...
learners. Success is guaranteed. JUST READ RECENT REVIEWS FROM MY STUDENTS My approach to teaching is relaxed yet suitably focused on the needs of the student and thus student-centred. It's personalised and is not only backed up by extreme dedication and commitment, but designed to bring out the best in the student. The time spent on understanding the student, their learning style and how they perceive their academic challenges is critical to my success. My...


Masters: MSc in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management (1991)
such as discussions, white board and powerpoint slides. My tutoring sessions are set out to build upon students' existing knowledge and developing this further. My approach is very student-centred tailored to each student's specific requirements. I use a two-way interactive approach with a focus on tackling areas of weakness that the student may need to work through. Regular, constructive feedback on student's progress is always provided so that specific skills and techniques can be worked...


Bachelors: Psychology & Sociology (2015)
intelligence. For many not reaching their true potential it is their mindset and approach to learning that lets them down. This is where I come in- through sharing the exact techniques I utilised, I help all my tutees positively change their relationship with learning and education. My tutoring is just as much about coaching- the last thing a student wants is another educator telling them what to do. I simply provide them with the tools...
tо yоur understаnding оf mаteriаl. I cаn help yоu develоp strоng аnаlyticаl, аnd criticаl skills, аs well аs reseаrch аnd repоrt writing skills. I cаn аlsо build essаy writing skills. I help many A level students improve their AO1, AO2 and AO3 skills, as well as their understanding and application of research methods. I help my students get organised, gain confidence, improve their revision process, fine-tune their exam skills, and give their motivation a boost...
them to maximise the progress of their learners and improve outcomes. Inclusion Manager; Additional Needs Unit Manager (County-wide Gross Language Disorder Unit) Establishing an Additional Needs infrastructure & developing personalised learning & support programmes for learners - Able & Gifted learners; those with additional physical needs or specific learning needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and those with emotional and behavioural needs. An initial, informal and relaxed interview - 'chat'- is key to identifying the needs...
Fouzia has experience in teaching a wide a range of subjects including ESOL, EfL, 11 Plus, Maths and English. Additionally, she has experience in providing consultancy to university students at all levels. This includes: proof reading editing formatting reference management academic skills and critical thinking structuring essays advise on research proposals advice and guidance on identifying research gaps advice on data collection research design/ research methodology academic poster presentations Fouzia is a friendly and dedicated...


PGCE: Further Education (1993)
have together. Homework is set and thorough assessment and feedback form an integral part of the tutoring sessions. As a highly skilled and experienced teacher in Sociology and Health and Social Care, I am able to help the tutee master those tricky areas that may take more time to get to grips with. These areas are usually on specific topic areas or skills that relate to how to answer exam questions. These skills are vital...


Government and Politics, Sociology, Media / Communication Studies
Doctorate: Anthropology (2016)
reflected in their feedback. I conduct most editorial work online, but I am happy to provide one to one sessions in Central London for students who need help with planning. For students who are looking for help with written coursework I always: (1) Read the essay thoroughly (2) Write a min. 500 word report where I highlight the essay's strengths and limitations, and make clear recommendations for content, structure, and style improvement. (3) Support the...

Levels We Offer For Sociology Tuition: Primary Sociology, Secondary Sociology, GCSE Sociology, A-Level Sociology, University Sociology, Casual Learner Sociology

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  • Helen

    Helen, Coatbridge
    Joined: 29/06/2016 | Av. Price: £20.00 p.h.
    Psychology, Sociology
    Bachelors: 2:1 Bsc Psychology and Sociology (2015)

  • Bernard

    Bernard, Hackney
    Joined: 18/11/2017 | Av. Price: £40.00 p.h.
    Government and Politics, Sociology
    Masters: Socology and Politics (1986)

  • Lisa
    Joined: 15/12/2011 | Av. Price: £15.53 p.h.
    History, Religious Studies, Psychology, Citizenship, Sociology, Health / Social Care
    PGCE: social science (2006)

If you are studying Sociology and finding it more difficult then expected, a personal Sociology tutor would really improve your comprehension of your subject. One-to-one Sociology tuition can prepare you for your upcoming assessments by giving you a chance to go over the subject areas you find difficult at the pace that suits you best. Whether you need help with revising for Sociology GCSE, revising for Sociology A Level or any other examinations you are working towards, Sociology tutoring will give you any extra support you need.

One-to-one Sociology tuition can help you to get over any hardships you are having with the subject. Maybe you could use help with a specific part of your course, for example Cultural and Economic sociology or migration and social control. Alternatively our private Sociology tutors can focus on Sociology exam papers and advise you on how to compose a well structured Sociology paper. Every tutor has their own style, so please browse through our Sociology tutor profiles to find local Sociology tuition that will work for you. Reading the feedback about our private tutors might also help you choose the ideal tutor for you.

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This is the best site to find the best local Sociology teacher for your needs. Each tutor is required to go thorough ID check. In addition, we have extensive pupil reviews on each instructor to help you refine your online Sociology tutor search. There are no hidden fees because we provide the tutor rates up front. Sociology can be a demanding subject, and working with an expert Sociology teacher can really help you fulfill your education goal(s). First Tutors is here to make it simple for you!

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