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First Tutors’ tutor search can help you to find the very best local Law tutors across the UK. Use First Tutors to search for local Law tuition in your area and then select the individual who best suits your educational needs.

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Bachelors: Bachelor of Laws with Honours First Class (2012)
you constructive feedback. However, writing coursework is your own responsibility as a student. My teaching is of the highest quality, very thorough and tailored to the individual. I focus on getting the best out of my students. I strives to make teaching fun and easy to digest. If you follow my instructions and work accordingly to the programme, exams will be something to look forward to rather than fear. Please do not hesitate to ask...


Bachelors: LLB (hons) (2010)
experience оn оne tо оne bаsis аs well аs оn-line(Skype sessiоns) аnd аt Tuitiоn Centres. I build a rapport with my students first and teach them in a friendly manner. In order to make the subject interesting, I teach students through different techniques. I have a friendly and easy going demeanour which my students find very comfortable. I understand that teaching requires patience and some resilience and my students as per their reviews claim that...


Masters: International Studies and Diplomacy (1999)
skills - those who will stand out for more than just their class-taught knowledge. So, along with tutoring, I also mentor my students (age notwithstanding) to think big and consider what part they want to play in changing their corner of the world as admirable global citizens. I encourage them to think about their resilience, their curiosity to understand the world around them, their eagerness to learn and become team players, their leadership qualities and...


Masters: Legal Practice Course (postgraduate level) (2010)
regarding pricing**** - All pricing would be set out for you before you agree to tuition, so there are no hidden charges. - The pricing listed is based on regular weekly one-to-one tuition. - If there are two of you, three of you or even more, please contact me to discuss pricing. - Fortnightly tuition may be slightly more than that shown. - One-off/Short-term tuition may be slightly more than that shown. - I may...


Masters: Bachelor of Civil Law; Distinction (2015)
grammar rather than the trotting out of set phrases, but this obviously depends on the tutee's level, and just how far they want to go in the language. For history I would probably emphasise understanding the mechanics of an argument. However, once again, this all depends on the tutee, and I will do my best to adapt my teaching to their learning style, rather than trying to force them to adopt their learning style to...


Milton Keynes
Masters: English Language and Literature BA and MA (Oxford University); subsequently CPE and LPC in law (College of Law); MA with Qualified Teacher Status (Durham). (1994)
I firrmly believe that all pupils can succeed given the appropriate level of motivation and instruction. Prior to the first lesson I would ask tutees to provide examples of their current work and to give me an idea of their aims, such as a minimum target grade in a forthcoming exam or a particular area for improvement. I would then provide a course of tuition designed to meet the individual's needs using his or her...
approach is tailored to the individual student's needs. Whether the student is seeking support for short term projects or throughout the academic year I am able to quickly build a good working relationship which facilitates tutoring and enables the student to derive the best results from our sessions. I believe in building a good, solid basis of knowledge and understanding on which the student can develop their own thoughts and theories enabling a full, in-depth...
complementary and convenient choice when tutoring in person at any particular stage in the process may not be convenient. Taking into account my experience and existing tuition workload, I typically charge £60 to £80 per hour, depending on the subject, lesson duration, aim, level and location. I generally do not charge for travel if within a reasonable distance from my location. I charge the whole lesson price if it is cancelled within 24 hours. Residential...


Masters: LLM Employment Law (2010)
have experience of one-to-one and classroom teaching. I have written and marked exams and coursework at degree level, prepared and delivered lectures and created module materials. I have also set and marked A level papers. I also have previous experience of teaching adult literacy and IT in a further education college and have teaching qualifications. I am an open, flexible and encouraging teacher who is good at motivating pupils and creating a happy and enjoyable...


English, Government and Politics, Law, Study Skills
Bachelors: LLB (Hons) Law with Politics 2:1 (2016)
course or just highlight which area they wish to learn broadly I will prepare an hour-long session which will compile both parts teaching and participation from the student. Participation is key, I prefer sessions where it is more of a conversation with the student rather than a lecture from me. I have a copy of all my work from my degree so I am able to provide study materials dependant on the course subject. I...

Levels We Offer For Law Tuition: Primary Law, Secondary Law, GCSE Law, A-Level Law, University Law, Casual Learner Law

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  • Alexandra

    Joined: 23/04/2018 | Av. Price: £32.26 p.h.
    Maths, English, Government and Politics, Law, Philosophy / Critical Thinking, Study Skills
    Bachelors: BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2016)

  • Isra

    Joined: 15/04/2018 | Av. Price: £18.33 p.h.
    Bachelors: Law LLB (2005)

  • Anna

    Anna, Ashford
    Joined: 11/04/2018 | Av. Price: £38.33 p.h.
    Psychology, Law, Sociology, Philosophy / Critical Thinking, Study Skills
    Doctorate: International Criminology (2018)

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People look for a Law tutor for many different reasons. Perhaps you are looking for GCSE Law revision or A Level Law revision help. Alternatively you might be planning on studying a higher Law qualification such as the GDL or LPC and want some personal support as you try to gain a good grounding in the subject. Whatever your needs, we can assist your search for private Law tuition that meets them.

Law can be challenging, especially for someone who has not studied it before, and private Law tutoring can lay the groundwork for further studies, iron out problems you are already experiencing with your work or provide you with specific help towards Law exams and tests, such as the LNAT. Private Law tutorials in your own home are a unique way of building your confidence and going over Law past papers with an experienced private tutor is a brilliant way to go about your Law revision and focus on specific areas, for example, Tort, Contract or Administrative law. You can browse the profiles of our private Law tutors to find someone with the price, location and teaching style that suits you. We are also unique in publishing student feedback on individual tutors to give you further insight.

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This is the best site to meet the most suitable private Law teacher for your needs. Each tutor is required to go thorough ID check. In addition, we have extensive pupil reviews on each tutor to help you refine your online Law tutor search. There are no hidden charges because we provide the tutor fees up front. Law can be a difficult subject, and working with an expert Law teacher can really help you fulfill your education goal(s). First Tutors is here to make it easy for students!

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Join First Tutors if you are an online instructor wishing to offer your online Law teaching, or any of our other subjects, please register with First Tutors or find out more about what we do here. An Law tutor can make a positive impact in student's life!