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First Tutors’ tutor search can help you to find the very best Latin tutors in the UK. Please use our website to locate home Latin tuition in your area and then pick the private tutor who best fulfils your criteria.

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School: IB diploma (maths, chemistry, biology, Spanish, English, history) (2013)
consider myself to be patient, and find it easy to communicate with people, so I have been successful conveying complicated ideas simply in the past. I primarily support the principle of self learning - meaning that I always encourage my student to attempt an answer to any question they may have. I believe you cannot learn simply by being told what is correct, but by building on your own knowledge and impressions. I an happy...


School: A level English (2015)
the right techniques to use. In my role as a coxswain both in my six form and at university I have had invaluable experience in encouraging and motivating my crews. All these skills are useful for teaching. The important base level when learning Classics up till A level is vocabulary. Once you have that skill mastered then everything begins to fall into place. My tutoring therefore takes the form of small frequent tests in order...


Maths, English, Latin, Greek (Ancient), Entrance Exams
Bachelors: BA Literae Humaniores (Classics), 2:1 (2013)
and develop a lifelong enjoyment of learning. In addition to tutoring children and young adults of a wide range of abilities, I have worked in schools for 5 years and I am a fully qualified teacher, who specialises in intervention. In addition to my Maths specialism training I have been privileged enough to work in a Maths hub school with new approaches to mathematics. I believe that all children can succeed with the right support...
always been extremely happy with my services. I love words and language, and I try to pass this on at all levels. Students often seem to lack self-confidence in their approach to languages, and this is somewhere I am able to help. It could be a young student struggling to get to grips with GCSE Spanish listening, or an A-Level or higher student who needs help making his or her analysis of Virgil's Aeneid more...
mentored several students in lower years when I was in sixth form at Westminster school, especially in languages and English. I also was very involved, when I left school last year, in helping sixth former students apply to universities. I also have a younger sister who I have tutored to get in to secondary school and currently for GCSE. I think balance is key, especially between repetitive and consolidating exercises and broader, more challenging tasks....
Paul James
the OCR and Educas examination boards. Outside my School environment, I have taught and tutored Common Entrance students for Classics. More recently, I have successfully taught a number of introductory / refresher courses to university level students as well. I seek always to adopt a caring, friendly, and understanding approach. Every student is different and I aim, therefore, to be both analytical and flexible in addressing a student's needs, making the most of their strengths...


Bachelors: Medical Sciences with Neuroscience (Upper 2nd Class, Hons) (2016)
stimulating environment that UCL provides. Having had public/medical school exams every year since 2011 (and counting), I am well in the swing of the pressured environment presented by important exams. Understanding the challenges that a particular student faces therefore comes naturally to me, and I pride myself on my empathetic ability. As a tutor I possess a very friendly and patient manner, as well as a strong set of interpersonal skills which have given me...


Bachelors: Scottish MA in Classics (2009)
by speaking and self-study (Chinese). As a teacher I was able to integrate this knowledge to design courses and lessons that took advantage of my students strengths while working on their weaknesses. I also understand the importance of having a positive relationship with my students and know that self-expression is an integral part of the language learning process. However I also understand that hard-work is key because this how progress and satisfaction are attained within...
through placements with King's College, London. My approach is individual. I feel that every pupil no matter their age, gender or academic ability, has the potential within them - it is up to the teacher to find the key to unlocking that potential. I know it sounds like a cliche but the thing about cliches is that they often have a nugget of truth within them. Even when I have had large classes, I have...


Masters: Human Molecular Genetics (2012)
Chemistry and Physics, in sixth form colleges. I have also done private tutoring for over 6 years, teaching both sciences and foreign languages to my pupils who have ranged in age between 12 and 35. Most of my pupils have been and currently are GCSE and A-level students. My idea of a tuition lesson is one that is planned and structured to meet the specific needs of the individual person. My approach would be to...

Levels We Offer For Latin Tuition: Primary Latin, Secondary Latin, GCSE Latin, A-Level Latin, University Latin, Casual Learner Latin

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Should you be struggling with Latin GCSE revision or Latin A Level revision, you may benefit from the support of a individual Latin language tutor. First Tutors allows you to find those offering individual Latin tutoring in your area. Through private Latin tutoring you will receive personally structured Latin study help; this might target your Latin language translation skills or support you as you revise for upcoming Latin exams.

By improving your confidence with Latin grammar and verbs, private Latin tutorials will improve your Latin translation so that you can work through those harder Latin passages more confidently. Home Latin tutoring can also provide the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the Roman Empire and culture. Whatever your needs may be, personalised support from an experienced home Latin teacher can make a crucial difference to your learning. By browsing the profiles of our registered tutors we hope you can meet the most suitable private Latin tutor for you. First Tutors also provides you with the chance to view reviews about our Latin teachers, so that finding the most recommended Latin tutor is as simple as possible.

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First Tutors is the only place to find the finest private Latin teacher for educations needs. Each tutor is required to go thorough ID check. In addition, we provide extensive tutee reviews on each instructor to help you narrow your online Latin teacher search. There are no hidden charges because we provide the tutor charges up front. Latin can be a demanding subject, and working with an expert Latin tutor can really help you fulfill your education goal(s). First Tutors is here to make it easy for students!

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Join First Tutors if you are an online tutor wishing to offer your online Latin teaching, or any of our other subjects, please register with First Tutors or find out more about us here. An Latin instructor can make a positive impact in student's life!