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The Benefits of Information Technology in Education

December 18th, 2015 by Anna Michaelidou

The way education has changed over the last three decades in relation to Information Technology (IT) is unbelievable. When I was at school (over twenty-five years ago!) it was all about books, encyclopaedias and libraries. I remember my dad purchasing a whole book-shelf load of encyclopaedias and telling me "now you can find any information you need for your school-work". I also remember regular after-school visits to the library. How times have changed!


As a parent and teacher I can really see the difference IT has made to the world of education. No school is without computers, programs or internet. When my children have a school project they simply log-on to the computer and find all the information they need; no need to visit the library or go through grandpa's old books any more! And I think nowadays most homes are not complete without at least one desktop computer or a laptop.

The world of Information Technology has opened us all up to a world at our fingertips; and this technology is improving by the second. Information Technology is everywhere and more and more people are learning the importance of how to use it. It is a way of attaining information immediately and access to a variety of learning resources.

Information Technology in Education has basically changed the way education is managed. It has given teachers the power to present tools and topics in a wonderfully descriptive and engaging way whilst increasing the learning potential of children. Tools such as laptops, desktops, tablets and smart-phones have unleashed a world of information that benefit both teachers and students alike.

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Let's take a look at how Information Technology benefits Education:

Immediately Accessing Information Any-time

Gone are the days of searching through books to find information relevant to your topic of study. With IT it's just a matter of typing a few words into a search engine and revealing a whole stack of relevant information. Internet has never been faster or more precise and search engines have never been smarter. You can find just about any information on just about any subject with just a few clicks of your mouse. Children are at an amazing advantage in that they can search for anything they like and get answers pretty much on the spot; this applies for teachers too.

Connecting People

Never has it been easier to connect with someone. It is no longer a matter of picking up the telephone and hoping that someone will be on the other end. Or arranging to meet a teacher and they just don't show up. IT has given us access to all means of communication; need to ask a question? Get online. Need to speak with your tutor? Send them an email or give them a call on Skype. Want to arrange a study group? Send out a quick text or post a message on social media!

Learning Resources at your Finger-Tips

Information Technology really is an amazing phenomena. The fact that everything you need is on a technological platform right in front of you says it all. Need to find a tutor for your child? Want to explore past exam papers? Want to learn a musical instrument? Want to practice your language skills? Need to know how to make a birthday cake for a four-year-old or make a nativity-play costume? Need to help your child solve a Maths problem or help them with an English project? You need just one thing; access to a computer with internet.

Interactive Lessons

Teachers now have more tools than ever to make those boring history lessons, for example, more fun than ever before. With access to endless choices of software, programs and multimedia applications teachers are able to create fun and interactive lessons that will inspire learning and stimulate students with different learning styles. Lessons have become more energetic and lively and children of all ages and levels can benefit from the advances of IT in education.

Protecting the Environment

One of the things that has struck me the most about the advances of IT in Education is the fact that children no longer have to carry about the books we used to have as children. When I ask my children (every day after school) "what do you have for home-work today?" and they say "Maths or English" it is no longer a matter of asking them to fetch their books. Everything is online! They simply use their school login passwords to access the home-work that has been set for them by their teacher and carry out all the work on the computer. Information Technology therefore has thoughtfully brought about a way of protecting the environment by saving on publishing school books and printing unnecessary paper.

Accessible Distance Learning

Gone are the days that if you didn't have the time to travel to a university to study you couldn't get a degree. IT has opened up the world of degrees, courses and qualifications to anyone, anywhere. The internet is now full of all types of courses that can be completed mainly, if not entirely in the comfort of your own home. This shows how Information Technology has made readily accessible Education for any ages.

Up-to-date Information

The great thing about IT in Education is that information about any subject is continuously updated and access to this information is available twenty-four hours a day. News and current affairs are available as soon as they happen, changes to a curriculum are available to parents endlessly and teachers are kept in the loop of all aspects of education instantly.

In Conclusion

Using Information Technology in Education can make teaching more fun and interesting. Gone are the days of boring text-book lesson reading and blackboard drawings; everything is so much brighter, lighter and interactive! The benefits are obvious and the extent at which teachers and tutors choose to use this technology vary depending on methods and preferences. Information Technology can provide teachers of all subjects a great way of presenting and describing information to encourage learning in children and students. And children can have a lot of fun exploring education in new and fun ways without feeling bored or static.

So, if you are looking for ways to improve your IT knowledge and gain valuable experience in programs, software or even basic surfing the internet then find a tutor now and get moving with the technological times.

Post By: Anna Michaelidou

Anna has been a private tutor of both English Literature and English Language for fifteen years having taught all levels from nursery school right through to university level. She has a BA (Hons) Degree in English Literature & Modern Languages, is a writer, content marketing executive and a busy mother of four lovely children.

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