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Promoting your business through Twitter.

November 1st, 2011 by Sara

Twitter is not only a social network but also a micro-blogging site that businesses can use to their advantage. If your aim is to "promote" your business through Twitter you will need to follow a few rules.

1) Frequent posting is not synonymous of spamming. All users should know the difference between posting and spamming - Twitter does not permit spamming, it's a social network platform and though it may be tempting to send spam, nobody is going to benefit, not even the spammer himself, because the user would eventually lose followers.

2) Think before promoting. Before sending something to Twitter one should think carefully about what information you wish your users to know about your business. Twitter is an ideal platform for promoting your business - if you know how to do this intelligently.

3) Think before you speak. What you wish to communicate to the public is a decisive element and should be carefully analysed to make the 140 character message as effective as possible, whether this be your contribution and/or answer to someone else's post.

4) Learn how to communicate on Twitter. One of the main challenges when marketing through Twitter is knowing how to communicate effectively with users.

5) Step into the community. Bloggers receive only a certain relevance when integrated into the community but once they are in, they can talk with their clients and other businesses too, with the aim to obtain feedback.

6) Make the most of your Twitter account. In the personal part of Twitter a photo or business logo must be included together with some background information about the business. The better your followers know your business the more they will return to your profile.

7) Plan what messages you are going to publish. To make optimum use of Twitter it's wise to plan your communication before rushing to publish any old message!

8) Don't go overboard promoting your product. It's best to send information little by little about your business with relevant information rather than bombarding your followers and boring them to tears!

9) Make conversation easy. Twitter is not just a platform for exchanging information; it's also there to formulate questions to your followers. You could ask them to evaluate a product you are promoting for example.

10) Subscribe to relevant feeds. When a user subscribes to a Twitter feed, the author receives a notification; this in turn brings attention to the author and the business.

If you wish to learn more about Twitter or any other social network, for marketing purposes or even for personal use, why not consider finding a private tutor that can teach you step by step, the secrets of online social network platforms.