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English for business

October 25th, 2010 by Emily

Effective communication is vital for success in business. Sadly, many people are unsure of the best way to use the English language in a business setting. This applies especially to younger entrants to the job market, who may be used to using more colloquial forms of English. Hiring an English tutor can help to overcome these drawbacks so you can capitalise on your new advantage.

The arena of business English is made more complicated these days thanks to our reliance on electronic communication. E-mail is an integral part of the business day and is the form of communication most open to use and abuse. Although it is essential to use correct salutations, punctuation and so on in a business e-mail, many people use sloppy English, even in correspondence with colleagues and clients.

The situation is further complicated by the use of 'business speak' in the workplace, which is a relatively recent phenomenon. Certain words in English are used in slightly different ways at work and there are business phrases to acquaint oneself with too.

Most of us are not taught the best way to use English at work - it's seen as something you can pick up as you go along. In actual fact, it pays dividends to spend some time learning the rules of business English away with a tutor. By doing so, you will feel confident writing e-mails and letters in the workplace.

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