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Banking on it

July 12th, 2010 by Emily

The recent recession has brought up many issues. For many people, it showed how little they understand the world of banking!

Many of us just think of banks as the local branches that we have in our high streets. We know their cash-points well and occasionally pop in to discuss our overdraft or a loan. Really, banking refers to the large corporations and head offices that are squeezed into the Square Mile, the financial area of London. It's here that the economic fortunes of the country are managed and decided.

Banking can seem difficult to understand - an impenetrable world for many of us. Some people think of banking as something that's terribly dull. Actually, banking can be interesting and easy to understand. In fact, the world of banking presents several interesting career opportunities - and there will be even more job opportunities created as the recession continues to improve. Jobs exist in commercial banks, regional banks, savings banks and online banking institutions for everybody from customer service agents to financial managers.

What's more, there are many people working in banking who need to understand the industry inside-out but who don't actually work with numbers themselves. These include financial journalists, TV producers at financial news channels, in-house PR professionals and executive assistants.

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