5 Benefits of Going Back to Education for Professionals

by Sarah Adams

In the new economy, career changes and retraining are not optional. It is becoming commonplace to have a dozen different employers throughout your career, so it's smart to be prepared for the career you want, not to get tossed into a position that is merely available. Some people may choose to jump start or change their careers because they feel stuck in a dead end, dislike the work, need to increase income, or have seen a colleague prosper with further education. Here are some specific reasons why you gain when you invest in your future through education.

  1. Increased income. Education correlates positively to earnings, particularly in the growth fields of healthcare and technology. Economists calculate that up to a point, each additional year of earning can cause a 10% increase in income.
  2. Increased qualifications. Qualifications are the combination of skills, education, and experience that qualify you for a position. We face a future where almost two-thirds of positions will require some form of training. Having a four year degree or specialized certification put you ahead of the competition.
  3. Increased opportunities. Completing diplomas, bachelors and masters degrees in order to advance within a field can all offer adults established in their respective careers opportunities to advance in responsibilities and earnings. Career changers are most likely to pursue opportunities in non-profit management, information technology, nursing, real estate, and teaching. Further education is either mandatory or highly required for entry into these fields.
  4. Larger business network. Over 90% of employers turn to social media sites for their recruitment needs. The more people you're connected with in your field, the more likely you are turn up in searches. Also, the individuals you meet when you go back to educated are likely to be as motivated and career-minded as yourself - good people to know.
  5. Enjoy the perks. In addition to expanding your business network, college environments offer other benefits. You'll gain database access through the school's library. The school gym provides a convenient location to work out. Speaking a second language is an increasingly valuable skill. Joining a language club to brush up on your Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic or Russian. Various departments may have free film screenings, and larger schools have museums.