Is Homework Pointless?

by Sarah Adams

Education experts have argued that homework is 'completely pointless', says The Guardian.

Mr Bennett, director of the ResearchEd conference announced, "I'm not anti homework- it can be a useful tool - but too often it's an exercise in back covering, or box ticking, with no real thought for the educational outcome."

In my opinion nothing that's worth having comes easily, and it's wrong to let children think otherwise. I spent the majority of my teenage years studying hard for upcoming GCSEs, by completing homework, going over revision text and past exams. I believe, the extra work I applied at home - is partially responsible for the grades I achieved.

However, that said, I do understand there needs to be a healthy balance between home/family life and school life. If reports that one-in-four children leave school being functionally illiterate are true, and if the complaints frequently made by universities and employers about the poor standards or written English are also valid- then I believe homework still stands as a vital element to all children's education.

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