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GCSE and A-Level exam revision resources

May 30th, 2012 by Sara

Many students will be revising for exams during the next few weeks so we have listed a few sites that provide useful resources and revision material for GCSE and A-Level exams.

GCSE and A-Level Maths

Exam Solutions is a very popular site with endless resources for GCSE and A-Level students.

Get Revising provides exam preparation which includes a tool for creating revision timetables, a revision card tool and quiz generators. Students can share materials and recommendations too.

The Student Room is a forum for maths and other subjects too. A place to share revision tips and receive homework help.

S-cool An excellent site that provides GCSE and A-Level revision material on many academic subjects.

GCSE and A-Level English and English literature

EnglishBiz is packed with revision material for English and English Literature exams. It also provides study guides for GCSE English novels and poems.

GCSE Bitesize from the BBC has top revision resources in many subjects. It includes a very active message board. Audio clips can be downloaded too.

SparkNotes is a valuable learning platform for for A-level English Literature revision.

Teachit provides a selection of guides and learning resources, including audio files of classic poems and much more!

It's important to prepare an active revision method that works for you. Below are some common methods that many students use.

  • Make your own mind maps or spider diagrams and stick them on the wall!
  • Get a friend to test you.
  • Tape notes and play them back.
  • Prepare yourself questions - go over the wrong answers.
  • Use mnemonics (eg.order of colours in the rainbow- Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Indigo, Violet)
  • Practise past exam papers.

We wish all students the very best of luck with their exams!

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