Private tuition for the gifted child

by Sara

Gifted children are natural learners, they may have an eye for important detail are often inquisitive, yet sceptical too. They have a curiosity to seek information for its own sake whether useful or not! You may find that the gifted child likes to read on their own, often preferring books written for children older than themselves.

Gifted children are also very creative, they are flexible thinkers and able to use many different alternatives and approaches to problem solving. They can be extremely curious about objects, ideas, situations or events and enjoy fantasising and using their imagination.

You may think that a gifted or very able child needs no help with their academic learning - just leave them to it and they will pass their exams with flying colours. Or perhaps you think that having a gifted child means you must constantly push them to achieve excellent results at all times in all subjects?

Some gifted children can have hidden learning disabilities that go undiscovered because they can easily compensate for them in the early years. It is also true that without support, gifted children can become bored and unruly because they have never had to face a hard challenge before.

All children whether average, gifted or struggling need support while they are growing and learning.

Gifted children need as much emotional support as other children, they are often hard on themselves so they need the extra moral boost and support when faced with new or perhaps difficult challenges.

There are multiple benefits to hiring a private tutor for the gifted child. A private tutor can help balance and focus on the challenges a gifted child needs without pushing them too far. Lessons can be tailored to suit the needs of the child and confidence can be greatly boosted.

We can help you find a tutor for your child. Feel free to contact as many tutors as you wish, ask as many questions as needed and discuss all your child's tuition needs.