First Tutors cited in the BBC News Magazine!

by Sara

The BBC News Magazine gave a mention to First Tutors this week, in their article "The great school place sausage machine."

Although the article is centered on the difficulties and methods of entering a child into a good school, we would like to emphasize the main reasons why parents choose one to one private tuition.

Despite the credit crunch, First Tutors statistics reveal that private tutoring is on the increase with an international trend towards supplementary education in general. Many parents perceive their child's education as fundamental and are willing to sacrifice other expenses if necessary.

Below are some of the most common requests we receive from parents.

  • Distractions. Average children who struggle in overcrowded classrooms. Shy children find it hard to interact or ask questions in a large classroom.
  • Lagging behind. Children who have fallen behind their peers and are not reaching the required standard to pass exams.
  • Confidence and self-esteem. Parents notice that their children are considerably capable but they have lost confidence, self-esteem and sometimes motivation too.
  • Learning difficulties. Our petitions unmask a gradual increase from children suffering with dyslexia, dyscalculia and/or psychological disorders such as ADD and Aspergers Syndrome.
  • Key subjects . Supplementary tuition for maths has always been - and still is, the most demanded cry for help from children at all levels. There has been an increase for English tuition at primary level too.
  • The bright child. Many parents choose private tuition to boost their child's natural skills and to ensure their children stay motivated and focused.
  • Home schooling. We have seen a slight increase in requests from parents who have decided to home tutor their children.
  • Entrance exams. Parents who want their children to enter grammar school are discovering that the sooner they start their children with private tuition, the better. Rushing to find a tutor 8 weeks before entrance exams causes unnecessary pressure and stress on the children and family - which usually leads to failure.

Surprising results can be achieved by finding a suitable private tutor for your child. Our feedback proves this!

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