First Tutors feedback - from students and tutors

by Sara

We are delighted to publish feedback both from our students/parents and our tutors. The First Tutors team would like to thank all our users for taking the time to provide feedback. We strive to make our website as user-friendly as possible so please let us know if you think we could do even better!

From our parents and students:

Elaine from Nottingham "Very easy to use the site. Extremely easy to email potential tutors initially so you can get a feel for them. Easy to unlock details. All tutors seem really positive and professional. I am really impressed with this site as previously I had no idea how to go about getting a tutor. My daughter is now receiving fabulous tutoring and support. Many thanks."

Jenny from London "I found the fact that you communicate with tutees incredibly helpful. It is good to know that even after one pays your fee you still want to know how the service is provided. Excellent!"

Anthony Leicestershire "Great site, helped put us in touch with a couple of great tutors for the kids, one academic and one musically based."

Maggie from Bedford "It must have been my lucky day when I looked up private tutors on the web, and got you! The whole process was easy, choosing a tutor simple, and my tutor was a great help. Thank you for a very well run service and at reasonable cost."

Fiona from Surrey "It appears that we have been able to find exactly the help we needed through your web-site. Having access to a number of different tutors across Surrey and being able to start a dialogue with them about our requirements in terms of both teaching and also the location and timing was very effective."

From our tutors:

Joanne "I love everything about your site and the way it's run. The feedback system is great- it's the sort of thing I take comfort from a site such as Amazon, when I want reassurance of the service, or thing I want to buy is rated well (eg. the tutor)! Keep it up!"

Sobia "I have just begun tutoring. This website makes the experience of finding new tutees easy as well as projecting a very professional image. Thank you for helping me get started."

Muhammad "Very good website for the tutees as well as the tutors!"

Michael has some amazing feedback on his profile from recent students! "A very professional approach to online tutoring arrangements. I have had a steady stream of work since joining and don't need to be on any other site."

Regarding one comment about fees being too high, please remember you can use the advanced search function to filter tutors by their hourly rates.