Summer feedback from familes

by Sara

Traditionally, academic tuition during the summer period hits a low but we have still been busy helping families find private tutors for the new term. We are delighted to publish recent summer feedback from families and students. :)

Gillian from West Sussex: "I found the website very easy to use. The Tutors replied quickly. All of the systems were very efficient."

Nadine from Essex:" Easy to use website, with lots of help if needed."

Christina from Chichester :"I was a bit worried that the site wasn't safe to transfer money to get tutors details, but then I saw that you could pay with paypal, which made me less worried ! The site is clear and easy to use, and I found a tutor who lived very close to me who is excellent. This is a great service!"

Andlib from West Yorkshire: "The lessons were very helpful and I learnt a lot more than I usually do from my teachers at college. With the tutor's help I am confident the exam will do justice to me :)"

Phillip from South Ayrshire: "This is a very helpful website which allowed us to find an excellent tutor in a short space of time."

Daniel from Essex:"First Tutors is an excellent way to connect tutors to their tutees. The system is quick, easy and very effective."

David from Derbyshire:"First Tutors provide a valuable resource for parents trying to help their children achieve their full potential. I would definitely recommend them."

Anita from Exeter:"I found the website easy to use and found it useful to be able to communicate with the tutors before committing to paying."

Our hiccup this month as Sarah explains below was due to our servers outage, caused by a fire which affected many thousands of websites across Europe. Full story here.

Sarah from Oxfordshire:"Easy website to use. I had some issues this week, where a potential tutee did not receive my message and I could not log into the site to check information."

We would like to thank all our students and families for taking the time to provide feedback about First Tutors.