Hooray! Exams are over!

by Sara

Hooray! Exams are over! Now is the time to de-stress, chill out, sleep and enjoy the summer. Much has been written about pre-exam anxiety, lack of sleep and high stress levels during the exam period, but few think about the after effects of those symptoms.

You will have been slouching over books, straining your eyes and probably drinking more caffeine than usual. Your body has been in upbeat mode for many weeks, you may have neglected your diet and also your exercise routine. Mentally, you could be feeling exhausted and perhaps still a little worried until you receive your exam results. STOP! As the Dalai Lama quoted in the past - "If there is a solution to a problem there is no need to worry and if there is no solution, there is no need to worry!"

There are many ways in which you can wind down slowly and recharge batteries for the new Academic term.

  • Join a Yoga class and learn to relax. If you enjoy Yoga, this will prepare you for when exams come around again. You will learn how to deal with stress BEFORE you reach unbearable stress levels.
  • Learn something new. Perhaps you are going on holiday to a foreign country and would like to have a basic understanding of the language and the country. We have plenty of language tutors who can provide relaxed casual lessons and make them fun too! If languages don't appeal why not take up cooking classes or learn how to knit/crochet (another stress buster!)
  • Find a job. If you are over 18, why not consider teaching a couple of times a week? There are plenty of parents looking for extra tuition for their children's 11 plus exam preparation! Register here and start building 5 star feedback on your profile.
  • Go backpacking! Backpacking is more than a vacation, it's a form of education. Backpackers want to experience the "real" destination rather than the packaged version associated with mass tourism. Here you will find all the information you need to prepare your backpacking trip.

Whatever you decide to do during the holiday period, make sure it's different to your normal routine. Sleep as much as you can, take time to visit family and friends but above all, ENJOY - You deserve it! Happy Holidays!

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