Creative writing, talent or skill?

by Sara

Writing of any sort is not easy but perhaps creative writing is the hardest of all. Creative writing falls into the fiction/non-fiction or poetry categories, but essentially it's purpose is to express thoughts, feelings and emotions, rather than to simply convey information. Perhaps you have noticed that your child has a vivid imagination and loves reading books and inventing his/her own stories?

Perhaps you are an adult and have always wanted to learn how to transfer your thoughts and emotions to paper but don't know where to start? Although there are many websites about creative writing, dedicated to both adults and children; a private tutor can provide invaluable help to boost the imagination and master the techniques of creative writing.

There has been much a debate on whether creative writing is an inert talent or learned skill. Most experts would agree that it's a bit of both - skill and talent can work together. If English was always your best subject at school and you also enjoyed the lessons, this could be an indication of what you wish to study for a future career.

Creative writing is a skill and that's why we have this category in our Arts & Crafts website together with many other skills: drama, painting, photography to list a few. Just like other artists, musicians and other creative people, they all follow a similar path - a passion hones through years of learning and practice. True dedication will result in truly wonderful writings.