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Which teacher is right for me?

Everybody knows that a good teacher makes all the difference, so we've given each teacher the chance to discuss their qualifications, experience and approach in detailed profiles.

Teaching Approach

It is worth considering what kind of learning style you are looking for - someone who will push you with homework assignments to pass exams or a teacher who understands that you are looking for a casual way to keep your hand in with a hobby you enjoy? Teachers can have very varying approaches which is why we've given them the opportunity to discuss their approach to teaching within their teacher profiles, so you can pick the teacher you feel will best mesh with your learning style.

Travel requirements?

Perhaps you cannot travel to a teacher easily? No problem, we've listed teachers who can travel to you and those who also teach from their premises.

Lessons Duration

Some teachers are available for short period (for example over the summer long vacation) whilst others can help on a year round basis. We'll invite you to give an indication of how long you see your arrangement lasting for so that your prospective teacher can indicate whether they can commit for that length of time.

Giving feedback

We're the only teaching service in the business which invites learners to give feedback about teachers so that other learners can benefit and indeed, so that teachers can build a reputation.