Exam anxiety

by Sara

With exam time just around the corner, many students will begin to suffer with exam anxiety during the next few weeks.

There are four main areas that can contribute to exam anxiety:

  • lifestyle issues
  • information needs
  • studying styles
  • psychological factors

You may have tight muscles, constant low grade headaches, insomnia and/or an upset stomach. These symptoms can in turn affect your behaviour. You may find that you are unable to concentrate or focus when studying. Many students neglect their normal routine near exam time. Some may turn to binge eating or constant snacking. Others will drink coffee or take other stimulants thinking it will help them concentrate for longer periods of time. Fear, worry, frustration or panic are all symptoms revealing that you maybe under exam stress.

Anxiety reduction techniques can help reduce the above symptoms. If you find yourself confronted with constant negative thoughts, you can use thought replacement techniques to overcome this problem. Try interrupting negative thoughts with the following statements:

  • I can do this!
  • I will do my best
  • I can pass this exam
  • I will focus only on the question in front of me.

Irrational thinking is not reality. It is your preconceived perception of yourself or your abilities. Put yourself into a positive frame of mind by imagining how you would LIKE things to go. Imagine yourself turning up for the exam feeling confident and relaxed.

A good private tutor can help you organise your study skills, focus on aspects that need the most attention and also boost your confidence in your own abilities. If you know you will start to panic near exam time, talk to your tutor, explain what issues are worrying you the most. Experienced tutors know too well what students go through near exam time; not just because they have other students who suffer similar issues but from their own personal experience!

If you have studied hard for your exams but feel you lack confidence and need that extra boost until exam time, click here to find the perfect tutor for your needs. Best of luck!