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A levels: What next if you don’t go to University?

August 22nd, 2017 by Grace Dickins

Not everyone goes to university and whether you haven't got the grades or aren't sure what to do now you've finished school there are plenty of options. To help you reach a decision we have compiled a list of some alternatives.


If you already know what job you want to do and there isn't a specific degree for it then why not look into an apprenticeship. For example, due to a lack of engineers, many companies are recruiting apprentices to fill the gap. Not only do engineers have some of the best paid jobs, but training on the job means you are being paid to learn! The government website has some great information.

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A Level Results are here at last!

August 17th, 2017 by Sara

After months of hard work, finally the long awaited A level results have arrived. Congratulations to all students that have managed to achieve the results they were hoping for, not forgetting the private tutors who have been dedicating their time, knowledge and passion for tutoring to make this possible.

Here at First Tutors we love reading all the wonderful feedback we receive from happy parents who describe their joy and gratitude for finding the perfect tutor for their teenagers via First Tutors. We are happy too!

Thomas from Brighton who sourced a tutor for A- level maths has just sent us the following feedback this morning: "First tutors have really helped my child by providing an excellent maths tutor . If l require a tutor for any subject I would always search on First Tutors." .... Read More »

What to do if you haven’t got the grades you want

August 7th, 2017 by Sarah Adams

With results day impending, nerves are high. Much of your time will have been spent in lectures, revising,preparing for and sitting your exams. Results day is just around the corner and you are probably hoping for your expected grades for your long awaited place at university.

But what do you do if you haven't got the grades you expected?


No matter what grades you open on results day, there will be options open to you. Firstly, do not panic! Login and check the status of your application on your UCAS account here. You may still be accepted to your preferred option even with your lower grades.

If you weren't as successful as planned, get a head start and learn more about about the other... Read More »

How can I help my child transition to secondary school?

July 27th, 2017 by Grace Dickins

The summer holidays always go by faster than any of us would like, so we thought there was no time like the present to consider how you can help your child be both physically and mentally prepared for secondary school. No doubt they have already been thinking about going up to big school!

Induction days

Hopefully in the summer term Year 6 have been on an induction day (or two) to the secondary school they will be attending. This will have given them a 'day in the life' allowing them to experience the new timetable, longer days and meet lots of new friends and teachers. Schools put a lot of effort into these as they want pupils to get excited about their first day and know what to expect when they arrive.

Sit down for a chat

Secondary school can be a nerve-wracking time for both you and your... Read More »

How important are the Key Stage 2 SATs results?

July 3rd, 2017 by Grace Dickins

With the KS2 SATs results being released to schools later this week, we thought there was no better time to look at how important they are to your child's future.

What do SATs assess?

SATs assess how well students have understood what they've learnt in three subjects: mathematics, reading, and spelling, grammar and punctuation. It's only the second year of the new, harder SATs so 2017 results will only be comparable with last year.

Not all schools offer SATs. Independent schools can choose whether to offer them, but they usually still do an equivalent at the end of primary/prep school to assess students ability.

Do the results really matter?

SATs are important to the future education of your child. Many secondary schools use the results to gauge student ability in order to organise th... Read More »