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5 Ways to Cope With Saying Goodbye

March 13th, 2018 by Christine Chadwick

Separation anxiety is not a far cry from what many parents experience when a child leaves for university. It's normal to feel ill at ease about a child moving away from home, no matter how far. Learn how to cope with saying goodbye by following these 5 steps:

1. Prepare him or her for the big day

For many parents, seeing their child through the university preparation process helps. When parents feel their student has what he or she needs to succeed, whether it's a laundry basket or a part-time job, it's easier for them to relax about him or her being away from home. Go shopping with your child for dorm room essentials, and be there when they move in if at all possible.

2. Keep communicating

Thanks to texting and social media outlets, staying in touch with your child is far easier now than in the past. Technology allows for instant communication and also face-to-face interaction through mediums like FaceTime, which can... Read More »

Reviewing Your Child’s Standardised Test Scores

March 12th, 2018 by Christine Chadwick

Standardised testing occurs at predictable intervals during your child's school journey. These tests provide a snapshot of how much knowledge a student has acquired by a certain point and also how this level of skill and knowledge compares to other students of the same age. This comparison is often further broken down into how your child fares in relation to similarly situated students in his or her own school, school district, and throughout the nation.

When reviewing this information you may have many questions about what your child's scores mean in practical terms for your response in the short-term and for your planning in the future. Understanding how the test scores relate to the teaching available to your son or daughter and how your child is responding to the learning environment is crucial for you to best support your child.

Purpose of the testing

Understanding the reasons for the testing can help you assess your student's performanc... Read More »

Making the Most Out of Careers Fairs

March 12th, 2018 by Christine Chadwick

Some people may take a more casual approach to attending a job or careers fair than they would when going to a formal job interview. This could be a big mistake. Although you may feel lost in the crowd at a careers fair and, consequently, simply show up to drop off a few CV's, the opportunity for a much more beneficial experience is there if you make an effort to put your best professional foot forward.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of attending a careers fair:

Do Your Research

Since you can easily find out the list of the careers fair participants beforehand, look for companies that interest you and do some research. Find out what types of job opportunities exist within the company that you feel you'd be a good fit for and come up with a couple of interesting questions you can ask about the jobs or about company culture. Keep the exchanges with company representatives on a professional level and be sure to request a business ... Read More »

Understanding Literary Devices: Foreshadowing and Flashbacks

March 11th, 2018 by Grace Dickins

Because they add suspense or details that are difficult to incorporate through other methods, an author may use foreshadowing or flashbacks in writing. The two devices have a similar function; they refer to events that are not current but are linked to the ongoing narrative. They have some significant differences, as well, but they are often used in the same work to increase its complexity.

Foreshadowing hints at things yet to come, while flashbacks insert memories of events that have already happened. The former can create a sense of tension or anticipation that keeps the reader intrigued. The latter contributes a sense of context, offering extra information to the ongoing story. It may resolve or explain ambiguities or conflicts, inviting the reader to slow down and consider how all the pieces fit together.


Foreshadowing is the more subtle of the two literary techniques;... Read More »

Tips for Attention-Grabbing PowerPoint Presentations

March 11th, 2018 by Grace Dickins

Whether you are comfortable or not with PowerPoint slideshows, you will probably have to give at least one during your years as a university student. Since most students are exposed to dozens of PowerPoints from instructors and classmates, grabbing the attention of the audience is key. Try the tips below to make your PowerPoint one to remember.

Completely Comprehend Your Topic

Free yourself to create an engaging PowerPoint presentation by knowing the topic of your slideshow inside and out. Before crafting the presentation, be certain you are confident with every aspect of the subject matter you will cover. You should be comfortable enough to answer questions and concerns beyond the material treated in the presentation.

Sharpen the Focus

A PowerPoint presentation should contain all the points you would highlight if you were reading about your topic. Condense the subject matter to the most relevant inf... Read More »