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How to avoid common exam mistakes

by Anita Naik

No matter how much revision you do, the stress and pressure of an exam situation can lead to mistakes that cost you marks. It is why good exam technique can make a huge difference to your grade. Here's what you need to know to avoid those common errors.

Learn to handle your exam stress


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How to conquer maths anxiety

by Anita Naik

A recent global survey revealed that UK parents and students are more anxious about maths than anywhere else in the world. If you or your child has negative perceptions of the subject, here's how to conquer your maths anxiety.

Maths anxiety is on the rise in the UK, with research showing half of pa...

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Top benefits of learning to play an instrument as an adult

by Anita Naik

If you have never learnt to play an instrument, it's not too late. With studies showing it is one of the best ways to help keep the brain healthy, here are the top benefits of learning to play an instrument as an adult.

It will keep your brain in top condition

Researchers at Penn's School of Med...

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How to revise effectively when you don't have much time

by Anita Naik

It will probably not shock any parent or teacher to know that many students cram for exams. In an ideal world, the revision would start early, but if you have left to the last minute, doing something now is better than doing nothing. So, here's how to revise effectively when you are short on time.

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How to prepare your child for university

by Anita Naik

Seeing your child leave for university is both a proud moment and a nerve-wracking one. With MIND saying students are at higher risk of developing mental health problems, preparing your teens for the realities of university life is key to helping them handle the changes coming their way.

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