Where to start as a private tutor?

If you are thinking of providing private tutoring, either at your home or within close distance to your local area, there are a few aspects to consider before getting started. Below are a few key points to consider before committing to private tuition.

  • What subjects do you wish to teach?
  • What level of expertise do you have in those subjects?
  • Do you have a passion for these subjects?
  • What is the local going rate for your area?
  • How much time per week/month can you commit to tutoring?
  • Are you willing to travel? Maximum miles travelling distance?
  • Would you charge travel fees? e.g. 40 pence per mile?
  • Would you be willing to provide tuition from your own home?

The above are only a few basic questions you need to answer so that your tutoring plans are well organised. Generally, tutors can provide good quality tuition in no more than three subjects - unless you are the exception to this rule! It is often better to state for example, that you shine in sciences: Chemistry, Maths or Physics - than to add that you can also teach basic Russian, ballet or cooking!

It is advisable to research your local area to see what the going rate is for your subjects. You don't want to sell yourself short and be committed to long term tutoring at a lower rate, but neither do you need to publish high rates and wait for tutees to comment that your fees are too high!

If travelling to tutees to provide private tuition is something you are willing to offer, carefully consider if your fees will include travel expenses or if you prefer to charge a standard fee per mile. Tuition from your own home is a good option too but remember that it is wise to have a dedicated space/room so that both your tutee and yourself feel comfortable and somewhere for the parent/guardian to wait if the tutee is under 18. A large table and good lighting are important features to consider.

Once you are clear about the above key issues, the next step is to create a good profile that includes:

  • Qualifications if you have them
  • Colleges or Universities you have studied at
  • Previous tutoring experience
  • Any references you may have from past pupils in writing
  • A short description of your tutoring style
  • CRB check if you have one*

First Tutors was the first of its kind to provide a platform for tutors to register and advertise their profiles. First Tutors is a free service for tutors, we don't charge you any commission! This is in accordance with strict government regulations that state that tutors must not be charged for finding work. First Tutors also provides a unique feedback system whereby tutees/parents can leave feedback on your profile for other users to see. You as a tutor also have the opportunity to reply to this feedback with your comments. Hopefully, this will just be to say 'thank you!'

Private tuition can be stimulating and very rewarding. Register here today at First Tutors and start building 5 star feedback on your profile! Best of luck!

* There is a lot of confusion regarding whether private tutors must have a CRB clearance. As of date (June 2011) and as far as we are aware, private tutors are unable to request a CRB certificate themselves and we have been advised that we are not legally entitled to run such checks for tutors. Certainly, a CRB check is not mandatory for private tutors and those that have such checks have typically obtained them through schools or other places of employment rather than their tutoring activities.