What our tutors have to say about First Tutors!

by Sara

Our happy tutors have left some amazing feedback about First Tutors. We are always open to new ideas regarding our website, so if you have anything to say we welcome your comments on this post or on our site feedback page!

Here are just a few recent comments from our tutors!

Charlotte Rushdon French Tutor: "The best tutoring website I have found!"

Ashraf Mitcham Religious studies tutor:

"Honestly can't be better than this, absolutely this is the best tutors site I have worked for during the past 5 years, I tried most of them and I couldn't survive for more than just a few months because it wasn't organized smoothly to find any subject tutor you wish. I feel honoured to tell my friends about it. All the best, all the way! Dr Ashraf"

Tracy, Normanton Maths tutor:

"I have been so pleased with First Tutors. They have been fab and efficiently helped me arrange tutoring."

Kashif Leeds, Maths and Physics tutor:

"This site is extremely helpful for tutors. I found three students within just two weeks of registering with this website which was great. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking into tutoring students."

Charmaine Dorking Psychology tutor:

"I am so pleased with the website. It's easy to use and the gate keeping procedures appear to work very well. Thanks for you hard work in keeping this site up and running"

Karen Sidcup French and German tutor:

"This is the best website of its kind I have come across. The set up is excellent and I have received two very good students through this site, so thank you. I also like the way students can provide feedback about their tutors."

Shirley Wrexhan Maths and English tutor:

"I have found First Tutors excellent in every way. I now have a much wider field of access to potential tutees than I ever had before I registered. I look forward to my future with First Tutors."

Dr. Malcolm Fleetwood Business related tutor:

"One again First Tutors, superb service to your lecturers, thank you. Dr Malcolm"