Help with coursework

Tutors can:

  • Advise on research for coursework
  • Help with grammar/ structure/ style
  • Supervise your coursework

Tutors will not:

  • Write your coursework
  • Edit your coursework
  • Write 'model' answers

We frequently receive requests for help with coursework. In cases where you are struggling with some work and looking for tuition related to that work, we do encourage you to seek for help on our website. 

If you are an international student and need help starting your studies at a UK university the tutors can introduce you to the structure of essays and help boost your grammar and style. 

However, it has come to our attention that there are a growing number of requests containing offers to write coursework for money. We want to emphasise that our service operates to enable people to find tutors, not to cheat on coursework which we consider unethical. 

We will not facilitate attempts to cheat on your coursework by offering to pay one of the tutors on the website to complete it for you. We monitor closely all such attempts for trying to get around the system with a potential permanent restriction of your usage of our website and its services. We also ban tutors purporting to offer such services.