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Help with coursework

Tutors can:

Advise on research for coursework Help with grammar/ structure/ style Supervise your coursework

Tutors will not:

Write your coursework Edit your coursework Write 'model' answers

We frequently receive requests for help with coursework. In cases where you are struggling wit...

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Applying to Oxbridge

Applying to Oxbridge

Millions of articles, indeed entire books, have been written about it, but the Oxbridge application process remains mysterious to many of us. Every year students turn up to Oxbridge interviews terrified that admissions tutors are going to dangle them from third story windows or...

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Writing a Strong Personal Statement

A perfect personal statement

So it's that time of year - the deadline for university applications is looming and suddenly it's your turn to write the dreaded personal statement. Anyone who has already been through this themselves knows how stressful the whole university admissions process can be. E...

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UCAS Form University Application Advice

Applying to universities via the UCAS form system can seem scary. However, by following a few simple procedures it can be made quite simple. Before you apply to your chosen universities:

You should find out everything there is to know about each University offering the courses you are intereste...

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