GCSE Maths Revision Advice

Where to start?

Everyone knows that GCSE revision is hard, especially when it comes to revision for the difficult subject of GCSE maths. The trick is not to panic but instead, look forward to how good it will feel when you pass the finish line.

Revision tactics

Whilst you're doing your GCSE maths revision for your exams, first of all make sure you have the balance right, there's no use expecting yourself to concentrate if you haven't had plenty of water, rest and a chance to socialise. Once you feel relaxed then you can start to knuckle down to work!

  • Read up on GCSE maths class notes which are relevant to your curriculum. This will depend on whether you are doing foundation or higher tier so make sure you are clear at which level of maths you are studying.

  • Purchase some GCSE maths revision guides (see our resources) these will especially be helpful if you are struggling at school because the guides may well explain matters in a different way.

  • Use revision cards or post-it notes. These can be extremely useful GCSE maths cue cards which give you a hint without having to sit down and get your books out.

  • Draw diagrams to make things clearer whilst you're doing your revision.

  • Speak to family and friends, ask them to help your GCSE maths revision – being able to communicate your ideas with someone else will stop you from getting bored!

  • Consider finding a private tutor that specialises in GCSE revision.

  • Finally, make use of GCSE maths practice papers so you are aware of what will be presented to you on your exam day.

Things to think about

The best way to do GCSE maths revision is to practice over and over again in order to set your strategies into your head. Remember that you don't necessarily have to know every single maths formula off by heart as they may well be given to you in your GCSE exam (best to double check this!), however, you must be confident in how to use them if they do come up.

Helpful tips

Whilst you're doing your GCSE maths revision, keep in mind that it won't do you any good to overload yourself with too much information. You'll find that you will get bogged down with revision and forget things that are important, so to prevent this from happening don't leave it all until the last minute! You may not want to start your GCSE maths revision now but you are only making things harder for yourself in the long run if you don't!

Judgement day!

When it comes to the day of your GCSE maths exam, remember to take your time, read every question carefully and as everyone will tell you – leave time at the end to check for stupid mistakes! Good luck!