Maths tuition and reasoning exam papers

by Emily

Our tutors for GCSE Maths and A-level Maths are gearing up for a busy academic year ahead, with lots of new students lining up for extra help in one of the curriculum's key subjects.

As we mentioned in Monday's blog post, it is vital for pupils to get to grip with Maths, especially if they are sitting entrance examinations for state or independent schools, because Maths is a core subject when it comes to testing aptitude.

But did you know that a good grasp of Maths can also help with other entrance examination subjects?

Many schools these days have entrance papers in reasoning, which is split into two sections: verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. You may think that something with 'verbal' in the title may be a world away from maths. This is not the case!

Verbal reasoning typically consists of tests on alphabet reasoning, word patterns and codes as well in straightforward tests on spelling and word meanings. Regular Maths tuition will certainly help when trying to spot word patterns and crack codes. This is not just because of the Maths itself but also because of the logical, sequential ways in which a mathematically trained brain can think.

Similarly, non-verbal reasoning may consist of tests on patterns, layering and other tests of logic. Again, a brain trained by Maths tuition will be able to tackle these well.

Why not find out how a Maths tutor can help your child?