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GCSE French Revision

Take the Stress out of GCSE French Revision!

If you're having trouble with GCSE French revision, consider getting help from a private French tutor in order to make your life easier. Also, improve your language skills and achieve your full potential with minimum stress by following these simple hints for each of the GCSE French papers!

How To Be Top With All Aspects of GCSE French

  • Listen to the Language. Whether it's tuning into French radio or doing practise GCSE French listening exams, the more French you listen to the easier it will become to succeed in the spoken and listening exam. A private French tutor can also help, especially if they are a native French speaker.

  • Read the Language. Find written material in French and read it. Whether you’re just reading over your textbooks, or finding French newspapers and books, the more French you read the better your grasp of how the language works will become. GCSE French revision guides can offer suitable passages set at your level.

  • Speak the Language. While it's not always practical to go to France just before the exams, a French tutor can give you conversation practice and work through practice GCSE French listening papers with you.

  • Practice Grammar and Spelling. When it comes to the written exam, the easiest way to lose marks is to miss accents and misspell words. Constant revision of vocabulary is an easy way to prevent this. Revision Guides and textbooks often contain lists of common vocabulary for different situations.

Consider a French Tutor to Make Your Life Easier!

Learning languages can simply be a matter of practice. You'll improve most, by simply using French - be it reading texts in the language, doing revision exercises from revision guides or sample GCSE French papers, and listening to as much of the language as you can. All of these things are a lot easier to do with a private French tutor.

As with any other subject, having a good understanding of the nature of the assessment is key. Ask your teachers what examination board your school follows, and what papers you will be taking. Then look online for more information - course outlines and sample papers - to focus your GCSE French revision. Once you have an idea of what needs covering, divide the work up and make a revision timetable, balancing French revision with other subjects.

When the time comes to sit the exam, stay calm and be sure to read the questions. If you're relaxed and confident in your abilities, you'll find the spoken and listening exams a lot easier too.