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Learning the lingo!

February 16th, 2011 by Sara

Whatever your reason for learning a new language may be, it is obvious that enhanced opportunities may arise both in your business, travel and personal life. Perhaps you are thinking of retiring to another country or you would like to make foreign online acquaintances. The beauty of speaking a second language is about communication, interaction and being human!

Although the English language has become a global lingual franca in recent years, this should not deter your decision to learn a new language. Many of the root words used in foreign vocabulary will help you understand or analyse new words in your native language. First Tutors Language website has over 2000 tutors that specialise in many different languages. Now, perhaps you are thinking, that is fine but I would like to learn with a native speaker? We have numerous native tutors on First Tutors! Just to pick a few take a look at the following profiles:

Mastering a foreign language opens the mind to a different way of thinking. A person competent in foreign languages can bridge the gap among cultures and engage in successful international relationships with foreigners. One to one private tuition can provide invaluable help when learning a foreign language. If you are lucky enough to find a native tutor in your area, you will probably be fascinated at first by the way the tutor expresses himself; not to forget all those questions you can ask directly about a certain country or tradition and receive first hand information!

So, if anyone should ask you "Parlez-vous français" or "Habla usted español"... make sure the answer is Qui Monsieur, Si señor!

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