Secondary-Level English Tutor

English is a pivotal subject when it comes to learning, and if your son or daughter is struggling, it can pose a massive problem. This is where extra English tuition can make a difference.

The transition to secondary school is often difficult enough, with new friends to make, subjects to learn and teachers to get to know. Understandably this proves stressful, but when your child is having difficulties with subjects such as English, at secondary school, the problems are exacerbated. Often younger secondary school pupils lack the confidence to discuss their problems with their teacher, or in some cases find there simply isn't the support at school for English tuition, to help them cope with any difficulties they may be encountering.

Private Tuition

This is where private tuition can help. One-to-one English tuition with a professional, experienced English tutor can dramatically improve the levels of attainment and results in students struggling to get to grips with elements of secondary level English language or literature. Whatever your child's particular issues, whether they are struggling with writing & reading due to dyslexia and require learning support to overcome the problem, or if they are having language problems and lacking ability in verbal reasoning, we can help find an English tutor to suit.

What to look for in a Secondary-Level English Tutor

When considering a prospective tutor for your son or daughter, it is worth taking into account their particular individual requirements. If learning difficulties are a key problem, it is undoubtedly worth seeking a tutor who has experience &/or particular qualifications which would make them well suited to tutoring your child. On the other hand, if you require an English tutor to help a particularly able pupil achieve their fullest potential, you may want to consider teachers who have familiarity with working with 'Gifted & Talented' students, to really give them an extra boost. Many of our English tutors are teachers, lecturers and postgraduate students who have extensive knowledge and abilities when it comes to studying English. Indeed, for those really able students who are seeking extra English tuition to fulfil their potential, you may find they respond well to particularly academic tutors, familiar with English research.

On the other hand, students with difficulties may work better with more experienced secondary school teachers, used to employing constructive strategies to help students who are slightly overwhelmed and challenged by the English course at school. Ultimately however, the most important element of selecting an English teacher is finding a tutor whose personality and style of tutoring means they are able to get on and work with your child to bring out their best.

How can First Tutors help?

Our website allows a variety of secondary level English Tutors, from a variety of locations, to advertise their services. Allowing prospective tutors the space to write their own profile further means you can deliberate as to whether or not the individual is the right tutor for your child, as you can learn more about their interests, tutoring style, and tutoring experience.

So, if you're looking for supportive private tuition in English language, literature or even verbal reasoning, why not investigate the tutors that our site has to offer. Whether you're looking for English tuition to help prepare pupils for 11+ entrance exams or are in need of support for a student who is struggling, we have a selection of qualified teachers and tutors available to help.