Preparing for the 11+

Preparing for the 11+

If your child's school doesn't offer assistance with 11 plus preparation, then you might consider hiring an 11 plus tutor to help your child achieve their full potential. However, finding the right 11 plus tutor for your child can be a challenging prospect and that is where First Tutors can help. A good private tutor works at a pace set by your child and gives tuition specific to their weaknesses, to ensure they achieve their absolute best once the exams come.

Why Choose Private Tuition? The 11 plus exams are incredibly important, offering a chance for your child to enter into a selective school. However, the lack of standardisation present in the papers and the fact that some schools are not as supportive of eleven plus applicants as they should be, sometimes not offering any specialised tuition, can make preparing for the eleven plus a stressful and confusing experience. As a result, if your child is finding 11 plus preparation to be difficult, a private tutor can help by working on a one-to-one basis with them and focusing on the areas they find difficult.

Whether your child needs assistance with the verbal reasoning, English, maths or non-verbal reasoning aspects of 11 plus revision, a private tutor can work with them and offer advice about good revision techniques and exam technique. An 11 plus tutor is therefore helpful for more than just revision of course material - they can offer an insight into ways of dealing with exam stress and any other concerns your child may have.

Choosing the Right Eleven Plus Tutor

First Tutors should be your go-to site for finding an 11 plus tutor for your child. They offer a wide range of tutors in all areas of the 11 plus assessment, from English to non-verbal reasoning, and so can help your child get the selective school place they are looking for.

First Tutors is the only private tuition service in the UK to allow customers looking for tutors to ask questions to the potential tutors themselves, even specific ones about course material, experience and teaching styles. In addition, customers are invited to leave feedback on the profiles of the tutors - and potential clients can use this to inform their choice.