Obtaining a place at Grammar school

by Sara

Obtaining a place at Grammar school is not easy, much depends on the number of places apportioned to each school. Local Authorities confirm their decisions in February before the beginning of the new September term, so there is time to appeal a decision.

Many pupils take the 11 + exams but sadly only about half succeed in securing a place at grammar school. An increasing number of parents are turning to private tuition to help their child pass the entrance exams which consist of verbal reasoning and English/Maths tests.Although a private tutor can maximise the chances of your child obtaining a place at grammar school it is also important to remember that if your child is one of the lucky ones to enter grammar school they may need further private tuition to help them maintain the required level of academic performance, unless they are exceptionally bright. This aspect is often overlooked by many parents who are only concerned about securing a place, not what happens afterwards. Most educational professionals will agree that a child needs to be academically able but a private tutor can motivate and boost a child's interest to learn.

There has been much a debate on how stressful the atmosphere can be for a child pushed by the parents, to study for grammar school entrance. A tutor outside the family environment can reduce stress both for parents and children.

If you are thinking of trying to obtain a place for your child at grammar school we advise to prepare well in advance. A good tutor will be able to evaluate your child's academic ability well before it's time to sit entrance exams.

First Tutors can help you find a dedicated tutor to help your child pass grammar school entrance exams or simply boost your child's academic ability.