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First Tutors: Canada help you easily search through the finest private social science tutors in Canada to find one that meets your requirements. Private tutoring is amongst the best ways to develop your child's progress, or, if you are a mature student, your own education. Use our service to search for personal social science tutors near you (anywhere across Canada!) to see who we can offer you, then select whomever best suits your requirements.

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and Women's Studies. I have a Bachelor of Education and additional courses to teach from Kindergarten right through Grade 12. I have also taught high school course to adult students. I am also qualified to teach Special Education, ESL and On-line teaching… I have been teaching in Ontario for more then 15 years. During that time, I have taught special education, ESL, Grade 2, Grade 12 English, Grade 10 Civics, Grade 12 Law, Grade 11...


PGCE: Geography Secondary (1999)
decided to pursue post-graduate studies, and gained her Master's degree (Curriculum and Pedagogy), from the University of British Columbia in 2013. After that, Su worked as a tutor in English and Social Studies for a small independent academy, where she gained a reputation as a much sought-after and innovative educator. Su has a very clear perspective on how tutoring should be directed, and firmly believes that there is a need for exceptional, high quality tuition...


Masters: MScFN Dietetics & Nutrition (2018)
University of Western Ontario, holding an Honors Bachelors of Science with a double major in Biology and Medical Science. I have previously worked with children, adolescents, and young adults from as young as 5 to 22 years of age, focusing on reading, writing, math and science. I have also been a teaching assistant at the university and high school levels, where I prepared and gave class lectures. I also have experience with both in-person tutoring...


Math, Physics, History, Science, Social Science, Economics
Masters: MBA (2018)
have plans to settle in Vancouver. I have taught as an independent tutor in New Delhi, India from 2009 to 2017. Since my undergraduate days, I am mentoring kids from grade 6 to grade 12 as a part-time profession in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, History, Social Science, and Science. I have taught kids coming from different background and belonging to famous schools in India like Delhi Public School, Modern School, Doon Public School. After moving...


Math, English, Art, Computer Skills, Science, Social Science
Bachelors: Elementary Education (2014)
Education with an art minor. I'm looking to tutor after school as my husband is busy studying in University and I'm looking to pass the time doing something I love :) I'm from Prince Edward Island originally but now love living in British Columbia! I've tutored throughout University. Mostly ELL/ESL students. I've taught K-3 and every subject. I've worked for Reading Town tutoring and done private tutoring over the years. I've been teaching for 4...
in Creative Writing and Rhetoric In my spare time, I enjoy writing, hiking, and creating graphic novels. That usually sounds more professional than just saying I like to doodle. Teaching is my passion and I've devoted my life to working and volunteering in traditional and nontraditional education settings. As part of my teacher's education, I completed my Masters of Education at Western University. I also completed successful practicums in English, literature, geography, science, health, gym,...


English, History, Art, Religious Studies, Social Science, Study Skills / Essay Writing
Doctorate: History (2012)
also a frequent presenter at conferences in Canada, the USA, and the UK. My main areas of interest are the history of early modern England, the history of gender, the history of violence and mediation, and the history of early modern Europe. I have taught several History courses at the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, and Yale, and have extensive archival experience. I prefer to work mostly online with students as I have a young...


West Nipissing
Math, English, Art, Computer Skills, Social Science, Study Skills / Essay Writing
Masters: Media Production (2012)
in Australia, United States and travelled to many other countries so I have a diverse background to draw from when teaching. As mentioned I've been tutoring and teaching for 6 years. I have experience teaching children in grade two and three class, I have taught one-on-one with high school students looking to get into university. I have also taught countless university students film classes, tv studio classes, religion, politics as well as photography labs courses....


English, ESL, Social Science, Spanish, Study Skills / Essay Writing
Bachelors: Education (2005)
as well as having the opportunity to study for two semesters on the S.S. Universe Campus. I have visited over forty-five countries on five continents. Additional fluent languages include: German, French and Spanish. English native speaker. École de langue La Cité, Montreal: Teacher of leveled English for federal government employees. Instituto Alberto Einstein, Panamá City, Panamá: ESL and Literature Teacher for 9th and 10th grade; including Special Ed teacher. Antoine-Brossard Secondary School, IB Section, Brossard,...
and skills, currently, I have enrolled in a bridging program designed for internationally experienced teacher, College Teacher Training Program at George Brown College, Toronto. More than 5 years experience of tutoring among the graduate students at Hiroshima University have enhanced my professional skills and made me efficient to teach students of Arts and humanities effectively. During my teaching period, I taught several interdisciplinary courses among the students of humanities and Liberal studies department. Currently, engage...

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  • Alanah

    Joined: 15/01/2018 | Av. Price: $13.00 p.h.
    Math, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Social Science, Psychology
    Bachelors: Nutritional science and Psychology (current) (2021)

  • Joviel

    Joined: 16/01/2016 | Av. Price: $13.50 p.h.
    Math, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Social Science

  • Patricia
    Joined: 30/12/2016 | Av. Price: $15.00 p.h.
    Math, English, Biology, Geography, Science, Social Science
    Bachelors: B of Education (1985)

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  • Joseph Fowale
    Joined: 27/06/2017 | Av. Price: $27.65 p.h.
    History, Politics, Religious Studies, Social Science, Study Skills / Essay Writing
    Masters: Master of Arts (2007)

  • Alanah

    Joined: 15/01/2018 | Av. Price: $13.00 p.h.
    Math, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Social Science, Psychology
    Bachelors: Nutritional science and Psychology (current) (2021)

  • Rachel
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    Math, English, Law, Social Science, Study Skills / Essay Writing, Psychology
    Bachelors: Arts (2015)

Our unique search will make it easy for you to find private social science tuition, by finding the nearest available tutors within your locality, and ordering them by their social science tuition fees and proximity to you. Before finalizing your lesson arrangements with your social science tutor, you can ask specific questions through your private member's forum - such as whether they can tutor the required elements of your syllabus - before releasing the tutor's contact details. You can search for social science tutors teaching at every level from kindergarten to elementary to secondary school to university, and also private social science tuition who support adult, further and graduate education - anywhere across Canada! The help of private social science tuition (or using social science group tutoring) can really improve your chances of receiving a top grade!

Alternatively, if you are a private social science tutor and would like to offer social science tutoring in Canada or elsewhere across Canada, please register with First Tutors: Canada or find out more about us here in Canada.